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        Hello, my name is Rick. My fiance approached me a few months back about starting domestic discipline in our relationship. We recently moved in together, and it is something she wants to try to reach her goals. However, 3 months ago, I had no idea that domestic discipline was even a thing, and (probably like most guys) I don’t want to hurt the woman I love. Interested in meeting people in similar situations and hearing how they approached it. Thank you!

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          Hello, Rick,

          This will be a great place for you: lots of folks talking about and writing about their experiences with all sorts of BDSM dynamics. Browse the blogs and forums for subjects that catch your eye and especially come to the live chats. Look under the “Events” tab for the schedule.




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          Mister C

            Hi Rick.  Check my reply to your post about DD.  As CPM indicated, check out the blogs and forums.  Join a chat.  When you find like minded people, you don’t feel so alone.




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