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      My birthday is in October (the very best month by far) and this year is a milestone at 35!

      It’s tradition with my wife and I to celebrate for a whole month. This started as presents being ordered and not showing up at the right time or dinners out being planned around work and never landing exactly on the birthday for either of us, so now we just enjoy it and make a month long thing of our birthdays.

      What favors, fantasies, outfits or events should I ask for her to make happen or let me do over the next month? This could be ____ every day, always ____ when we ____ , we should definitely try _____ at least once, etc. If your significant other sub let you choose, what would you add to your birthday month?

      I’ve put this under “training” because if we both enjoy it, there’s no reason it can’t keep going…

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