Best simple rule?

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    I think rules are important in D/S relationship and, in my view, rules need to be simple and applied consistently.  Furthermore, if you are in a committed relationship in a busy household (i.e. children, both working full time), in my experience  there is not much mental space for many rules.  We only have a handful of rules.

    Some rules, however, seem to be have a stronger effect on the subs’ psyche. I, as a Dom, think long and hard before coming up with a new rule. I would like to share two of my own practice as a way of encouraging others:

    1. When she is bed, she always need to be naked from the waist down. The logic is: she always needs to be sexually available to me.
    2. Every night she needs to turn over the bed before I go to sleep. The logic is: she needs to show respect and servitude.


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    Every night she needs to turn over the bed before I go to sleep.

    Do you mean the mattress? And how heavy is it?

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    Apologies, I did not express myself correctly. I meant to say: turn down the bed linen of the bed as in the turndown hotel service.

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      Me and my girl had a chat about this very thread yesterday and I asked if she thought I imposed any rules or whether she just did what she thought was expected of her and got it right by coincidence!

      “Red, you don’t like me wearing red clothes” And she’s correct, I don’t mind nail varnish or lipstick but I don’t like red clothing and red underwear is a complete no no.

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    I like the explicitness of rules.

    It is a way of asserting authority.  It also means that if they are broken, there are consequences.

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    Why don’t you try to implement a simple rule? We started out slowly…now we try to keep it quite simple by adding twists. Recently, we are exploring twists outside the bedroom..because. after 3 years, I deemed she made enough progress in the bedroom.

    There is an interesting post on here about dominance.

    From my perspective, I can corroborate the post….pros, for us, are just that props. But manipulating the illusion of Dominance works for us. It is a subtle art.

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    I think in our relationship de simplest one is dont say, ‘so’. Example, he: the fish didnt have their food yet. Me: so?

    I get hit if i do that. It keeps my attitude in check.

    For myself always be respectfull but speak up my mind but thats like a rule i made for myself

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