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        This is a fictional summary of all the actual conversations that led to my wife and I moving into a D/s relationship. If it had happened in a single moment it would have looked like this…

        Always feel free to let me know what you think of my writing, how it can be better or easier to read, what you’d like to see, and let me know if and how you enjoyed it!


        The episode ended and she closed the computer and rolled over to kiss her husband, then curled in against him and put her head on his chest. He sighed contentedly and she smiled wide to herself. She had a plan to make him even happier.

        “What would you do with me if you could do anything you wanted, all the time?” She made sure she asked in a tempting voice and slid her hand down to slide gently along his length to make sure he knew exactly what she meant. She kept smiling as she felt him start to grow under her touch.

        “Anything I wanted?” He growled, and she could hear his smile as he went on. “You’d certainly be swallowing often. All the time.” They both chuckled and she tightened her hand around his now hard shaft and began slowly stroking. She curled in tighter against him and listened to his breathing as he enjoyed her touch. Then she really got him going.

        “Really, tell me.” She asked, looking up to kiss him as her hand kept working on him. “If I said I was All Yours, to use as wished, what would that look like?”

        She grinned as she felt him instantly stiffen more, looking at her to see if she was serious then laying back to think before answering. She concentrated on spreading his precum around his tip while she waited, enjoying the shivers she was sending through him.

        “If I could do Anything I wanted, anytime?” He started slowly, gauging her reaction, and she let him know she really wanted to hear by squeezing him tightly against her and in her hand, then continuing to slowly stroke as she whispered “Mmhmm?”

        “I’d fill you every day, at least once. I’d cum in your mouth once every day. I’d fulfill every fantasy I could think of” They both chuckled a bit at how many he could imagine. “You’d have to get used to taking me in your mouth quickly when I told you to, because I’d be finishing in your mouth in every public place I could. Dinners out I’d have you stroke me like this under the table, then lean over at the last second and swallow for me, or suck me off in the parking lot before going inside. Every time we visited your family I’d pull you aside and make sure you were tasting me, maybe take you bent over in your old bedroom and have you lick me clean before going out to spend time with them.” He paused to see her reaction, and she looked up at him, then leaned down and slid him between her lips to slide her mouth up and down him a few times before stopping and coming back up to return to snuggling and stroking. She knew starting and stopping like that drove him wild. “Mmhmm, anything else Sir?”

        He growled at her again and held her closer, trying to concentrate past the feeling of what she was doing to him. “I’d make sure to take care of you when you needed it, and wouldn’t push too much because I’d be afraid of changing your mind.” She tightened herself against him to show him that meant a lot. “I’d make sure you can deepthroat me, as long and deep as I’d like.” She smiled and looked at him questioningly, saying “I’ve gotten better at that.” “I know,” he replied, “But I’d make you an expert. Practice makes perfect.” They both chuckled.

        He paused then continued “I’d use you sometimes when you might not think I would, like when I’m depressed. I’m not sure if it would work, but a few times when I’ve been spiraling down I’ve wanted to just have you go down on me, to see myself as powerful and in control, so I’d try that.” He said it with a bit of a laugh, but she knew he was serious and she kissed him again, and while she filed that away for future reference she wanted to get him back to happy thoughts. “Would you call me names when you use me, Sir? Would you tell me I’m your pet and your slut?”

        He shuddered, surprised but loving hearing her say that. “Absolutely. I’d talk dirty to you when I used you, telling you what a pretty little slut you are as I hold you down and fuck you.” He was breathing heavily now and she kept her hand going as she leaned in close and asked him “And what about my ass, Sir?”

        This time she could feel his growl down deep, and he put a hand on the back of her neck to guide her down to take him back into her mouth. He continued to hold her and set a slow, deep pace as he answered. “I’d take you in the ass, once or twice a week. If you were all mine anytime and any way that I wanted, it wouldn’t be long before you were used to it. I’d make sure you were ready by having you ask to be fucked in the ass, making it a rule that you ask at least once a week.” He panted as he thrust his hips up and pushed himself back into her throat, his voice ragged as he went on. “You would choose which days we could play, telling me when you came down in the morning by calling me Sir, asking sweetly what you can do for me today.” She thought he was close and was surprised for a moment when he pulled her back, then grinned again as he said “Now spin around, Miss, I want to lick you while I cum down your throat.”

        After they had both climaxed, she curled against him again resting her head once more on his chest and listened to his heart hammering at first then starting to calm. She laid her hand on him, just holding what was hers, and told him with a smile “Well, Sir, let’s start with once a week.” She could feel him freeze and look down at her, and she looked up to kiss him and saw his surprised smile. She made sure it stayed in place by saying “I’ll let you know by coming down in the morning wearing one of my chokers and asking how I can serve you.”

        She did love his growl.


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          That’s not only well written and exciting, it’s very realistic.  Often people telling their story will omit the concerns they had, which may make it more fun to read but less realistic and helpful.

          “looking at her to see if she was serious,” “gauging her reaction,” paused to see her reaction,” “wouldn’t push too much because I’d be afraid of changing your mind.”

          I liked this one: on to the next!


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