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    B.E.S.T. slave training guide: Behavior, Emotions, Self-image, Thoughts

    “This website is intended to offer suggestions on the training of a slave for long-term service to her Master. It is not a slave training manual, the focus is on the concepts and not the details of training. However, due to popular request, some training techniques are discussed in more detail under the sections; slave Training Techniques and Effective slave Management.

    The concept of B.E.S.T. slave Training is that the whole being of a slave is subject to training and must be included in the Master’s training program in order for her to be properly trained. Behavioral training alone is not enough to train a slave; her emotions, self-image and thoughts must also be part of the training process. On this website, time is spent examining each of these areas and offering ideas on how to train the whole being.”


    I thought this might be helpful for anyone looking for training ideas. This site is specifically for slave training but I would think the ideas could be modified for submissive training as well.

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    The link is not working for me.

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    Looks like I had a typo, try this: 


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