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      Brilliant, capable women are the most attractive of course, and after a few twists with my wife and I being unabashed nerds and both enjoying a good schoolgirl fantasy, she’s put together a fantastic collection of Ravenclaw clothing. White button up shirt with embroidered crest, blue button up sweater, plaid skirt in her house colors and tall white and blue kneehigh socks. Whenever she’s in the mood to be used repeatedly by an authority figure all she has to do is get dressed for the occasion…

      As he heard their boy start rolling, he groggily rubbed his eyes. Early mornings were the norm but they didn’t get much easier. He was ready to get up and start their morning routine and had just rolled onto his back to lean over and check the monitor, when she rolled towards him. She put a hand on his chest to keep him on his back, and slid the other under the covers to trace over his length bringing him to attention.

      “Happy father’s day” she whispered, then slid herself under the covers, kissing him as she moved down. He lay back with a sigh as he felt her lips wrap around him.


      When she came back up she licked her lips clean and kissed him, telling him “you relax. I’ve got him, and we’ll come back with breakfast.” She got up and put on a bathrobe, leaving the room with a tail shake that made him smile wide before laying back again.


      When they came back he had plenty of warning; their boy pushed the door open and started in saying “sneak, sneak…” until she lifted him onto the bed and he flopped down on top of the blankets. “Daaaaaddy, wake uuuuup! We have urs breakfast!”

      “You do!” He asked excitedly, and got an excited response back as she put a tray on the bed. “We brought you pancakes, sausage, orange juice, and plenty of wife!” She said with a smile. “That sounds great!” He told them both, looking at her as she climbed into bed next to him. She had changed sometime downstairs and now wore a thin white button up shirt and blue skirt, her ravenclaw girl outfit. Her hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail and she was grinning wide, generally looking stunning. He was a lucky guy!

      As their little man climbed around the bed and got down to run off and come back talking up a storm, he kissed his wife and told her how good she looked. She grinned at him and leaned over the edge of the bed to talk to their son, presenting her husband with a view of the back of her skirt riding up with nothing underneath. He took it all in, immediately growing hard and watching raptly as she brought one hand back to pull a cheek aside and make sure he got an unrestricted view. She sat back up and turned towards him again as their boy ran off.

      She shook out her hair on her shoulder and leaned in to give him a good view down the front of her shirt as she said “Our school is very happy to have you here, Sir. I’ve been put at your service all day to make sure you feel welcome. If there is anything, anything at all, I can do for you today all you have to do is tell me!” She dropped her voice to a husky whisper and said “And as long as you keep it our secret, Sir, I do mean Anything I can help you with!” She ran her hand under the covers and smiled at finding him fully erect, wrapping her fingers around him and stroking his swollen cock. “For example,” she said quietly with a quick glance to check their son had left the room, “If you tell me that you’d like to shove your cock down my throat..” she lifted the covers off his waist and leaned over to take him quickly into her mouth, sliding him in and out between her lips, then pushing herself down to take him deeply into her throat. He was still getting harder as she held herself in place and both of them could feel him extending back into her throat. She backed off then, and after another quick few deep bobs up and down she sat back and smiled at the look of confused arousal she had caused.

      Their son ran back in and she leaned back, covering him again and smiling as the interruption proved her point about secrecy. Their boy ran out once more and she got up to follow. With another smile she said “You enjoy your breakfast, Sir! I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready.” Before leaving the room she leaned over to give him a kiss. When she backed off he breathily asked her “I’d like to see that again. Turn around and bend over for me.” She turned and bent over, looking back at him from the side as she used both hands to spread herself and smiled. “Like this, Sir? I want to be a very good student.” She stood again, blowing him a kiss over her shoulder and adding “I expect to be servicing you repeatedly today, Sir, so don’t hold back. A good girl needs her protein! Just make sure you save enough for tonight. I’ve got a dorm pass and would love to spend the night with you using your wand on me in every way!” then she skipped out.




      While making breakfast he told her “lean over the counter, I’m going to fuck you and shoot my load in your mouth”. She willingly bent over and hiked up her skirt, and he found her already wet when his tip pressed against her. Pushing in and pulling her hips back against him, he leaned in to bite her shoulder as she tried to stay quiet. He released his teeth and pushed in deeper, right to the hilt, and whispered in her ear. “I love the idea of my own personal little slut at this school. I think I’ll take you up on your offer, and spend the day pumping you full of my cum.” She whimpered and began to shudder as he thrust slowly in and out of her, holding her tightly over the cold countertop with one hand on the back of her neck. “When our chaperone goes to sleep this morning,” he said, motioning with his head to their boy unknowingly eating his breakfast, “we’re going to play a game where I just keep going back and forth between your pussy and your mouth. Using you to get my cock wet, then having you suck it off.” She was panting and gripping the counter now, pressing back against him as he continued to thrust into her. His next words sent her over the edge. “How many times do you think you’ll climax on me and suck me clean before I have you swallow my cum?” She shuddered again, moaning quietly and pressing herself back to get him deeper as she climaxed, a steady pulsing rhythm that kept hitting her and redoubled when he gasped in her ear “Good girl. Now get on your knees so I can use that pretty slut mouth.”


      He was waiting when she came back downstairs with the monitor in hand. “Is he sleeping?” He asked, and she nodded. “Mmhmm. Can I help you with something Sir?” He grinned and took her hand, leading her to the study. “I have a class about to start, and you’ll be under my desk when it does.” He said with a grin.

      He pulled his chair back and watched as she curled herself under the desktop, setting herself with her knees under her and sitting back on her heels to be lower, then turning to look up at him innocently. “What should I do now, Sir?” He smiled wide, sitting himself down then telling her “I’m going to teach my class. You are going to slowly lick and kiss and suck until I tell you otherwise.” He leaned back a bit and unzipped, pulling both his cock and balls out and feeling the slight pressure of the fabric around him as his dick stood erect in front of her face.

      She leaned in, wrapping her hand around his shaft as she turned her head sideways and kissed his tip, sliding her tongue out and over to swirl around the top before sliding down his length and continuing onto his balls, putting one hand underneath to lift them and press two fingers up behind them putting pressure from the outside against his prostate. He sighed, leaning back and enjoying the sight of his wife as a willing schoolgirl, working her hands and mouth over him under his desk. He enjoyed for a few more seconds, then told her “Good girl! You keep working just like that. My students are arriving and I’ll be starting my class.”

      She looked up at him with wide innocent questioning eyes and her lips stretched wide with her mouth full of his cock. The image alone almost finished him off, but he held back and put a hand on the back of her head to hold her in place as he looked down at her saying “Stay below the glass and nobody will know one of my students is under the desk sucking me off.” He shifted forward to the edge of his seat, making himself more upright for the imagined classroom and bringing his lap further under the desk. He turned forward and pretended to talk to various students entering and taking their seats as his very helpful student continued to lick and suck out of sight.

      He sat enjoying for a few minutes, telling her in a whisper “You’re doing a very good job, Miss. I’m so glad you took the job of showing me around the school today and making sure I enjoy it here!” She moaned agreement, continuing to slowly bob her head up and down in his lap. “Is sucking your professor under his desk during class making you wet? Then turn yourself and around and slide me into you. I want my little slut fucking herself on my dick.”

      She popped him out of her mouth and gasped air after the deepthroat she had been giving him, then quietly saying “Yes Sir.” Turning herself around under the desk with a series of little shifts on her knees, she backed herself up to his waist and he shifted a bit further forward to the very edge of his chair. His hand under the desk slid her skirt up her lower back, exposing her bare ass and already shining wet pussy lips. His hand continued further up her back and pressed down as he told her “Lean down, Miss, put your head to the carpet.” She did as she was told, leaning her forehead down and pressing her ass up and back towards him. He continued to sit upright for the imaginary class, his hands under the desk in front of him. One hand pulled a cheek aside to give him an unrestricted view of her pussy and ass, the other beginning to slide fingers in and out of her spreading her juices along her swollen lips to make entering her easier. He continued to mumble reminders about how he was teaching a class of unsuspecting students while she sucked dick and got fingered under his desk and in no time at all she was dripping wet. He pulled out his fingers then and gripped her hips, shifting her back as he held the tip of his dick forward and slid into her, then pulled her straight back to take him deeply. She let out a quiet moan as his full length entered her, and he reprimanded her. “Quiet, slut. If you’re going to be keeping my cock wet under my desk during classes you’ll have to learn to do it silently! Now I have a class to teach. Screw yourself on my dick, and make sure you tell me when you’re cumming!”

      She got into a slow, steady rhythm sliding forward and back on him as he sat ostensibly watching his class but with his eyes locked on her ass as her pussy lips slid along his shaft. She let out quiet little squeaks and moans and he reminded her to keep quiet, once warning her that she was making too much noise then pretending to answer a class question. He could see her grin as she looked back and up at him as he spoke and slid herself slowly back to take him as deeply as she could, then moving her hips side to side as she squeezed her muscles to clamp down on him as he kept a professional tone. Watching him in a true professor role pushed her over the edge, she moaned out that she was cumming and began to shudder.

      He gripped her hips and pulled her back against him, pushing himself deeply inside of her as she tightened in waves around him, milking him to fill her. The sight of her panting and rocking under his desk, his wet cock deep inside her and her ass pointed up at him out of sight of his imaginary class was too much, and he complied by emptying himself in pulse after pulse inside of her. She continued to pant and push him in and out until he was spent, then slid slowly off and put her hand on herself to keep his seed from running out onto the carpet. She turned to look up at him again and smiled, asking “Will that be all, Sir?” He looked her over, strands of her hair out of control, her skirt slightly askew where he had at some point during oral been gripping her breasts, her own hand currently holding his load of cum inside of her, and her beautiful smiling face looking up at him from under his desk right next to his half-hard cock still slick with both her juices and his own cum from pumping inside her.

      “One more thing, Miss.” She lifted an eyebrow in confusion, which he saw morph to surprise and heated willing acceptance as he pushed his hips towards her again and said “Lick me clean before you go. I can’t be teaching my classes all day dripping with both of our juices.” He smiled as she leaned in and got to work cleaning him, long licks from his wet balls all the way up to the tip of his cock while she continued to hold his cum inside herself. In moments he was hard again and directed his cock into her mouth, leaning forward to get his hand far enough under the desk to grip her ponytail and pull her towards him as he set the pace and quickly brought himself to another orgasm. He could feel her surprise as he shot his second warm load into the back of her mouth, feeling her swallow each pulse and suck out the last drops before he sat back. He waved his hand in a complicated motion over the desk and leaned down to kiss her, saying “Good girl. I’ve frozen the other students so you can sneak out now without being seen. I’ll see you again later,” She looked a question at him since he had just finished twice, and broke into a big smile as he said “I’m giving you detention, Miss. Fucking a professor under his desk during class is terrible behavior. We’ll speak about this after school tonight.” She kissed him deeply, said simply “Yes, Sir. Happy to help.” And she left him to continue his class.

      He had come home from school in his usual attire; Work pants, a nice plaid shirt, the belt she had given him as a gift years ago. He was still wearing it all as he sat back in his chair in their room, relaxing now that the kids were both in bed. She was getting ready for bed in the bathroom and he leaned back, closing his eyes to let himself take a breath.

      He opened his eyes again when she came out and saw that she had not in fact been getting ready for bed, and he was no longer tired either. She had her hair up in high pigtails, a tight white button up shirt with the top few buttons undone, a short dark blue skirt and knee high ravenclaw socks. As she watched him take her all in she was biting her lip which always drove him crazy, and giggled as she saw the reaction she was having on him grow inside his pants.

      She moved closer, almost a half-skip, and sank down to her knees in front of him to begin pleading.

      “Please, professor, I really need to raise my grade…” Her hand moved to his crotch as she started talking, stroking along his length through the fabric and feeling him getting harder as she did. “Isn’t there anything I could do for a better grade?”

      “I don’t know,” He said roughly, his voice low and growly through his smile the way it always got when she really had him going. “What did you have in mind?”

      “Well…” She turned and got on all fours, waving her rear towards him as she pulled her skirt up to expose herself. “I can let you look…” She wasn’t wearing anything underneath and he was presented with a full view of her from behind, swaying gently side to side as her hand pulled her cheek to the side to show herself off.

      “How’s that, Professor? Will this get me a better grade?” She smiled back at him as he took it all in, and pretended to frown when he said “Well it is very nice, but I think it will take more than that.”

      She pretended to think about it for a second, then excitedly said “I know! What if I nuzzle up against your cock? Would that raise my grade?” She undid his belt and zipper, helping him to drop his pants and push them off to the side. He sat forward on the seat and she leaned in and began to rub her cheeks against his shaft, sliding her face underneath to rub her nose against his sack as her fingers traced along the length of him. “Will this bring my grade up, Professor?” She asked as innocently as she could, while looking up at him as she rubbed him all over her face. She grinned as he practically growled at her.

      “It’s a good start,” he managed to get out, “but I’m not sure it will be enough.”

      She seemed to expect this, and still looking up at him she took his sack in her hand and began rolling her fingers under him. “I could suck on your balls, would you like that Professor?” She didn’t wait for an answer, leaning in and taking one of his balls in her mouth. She rolled it over her tongue, grinning to herself as he moaned and his hand landed on the back of her head to pull her in closer. She switched to the other side, looking up at him to watch his reaction as her lips and tongue worked on one ball then the other.

      She continued for another minute, then leaned back again on her heels and smiled at him innocently again. “How’s that, Professor? Will you raise my grade now?”

      He laughed at her excitement and smile, and told her “I would really like to do that for you, but I think you can do more to earn it.”

      She feigned thinking about it again, and then seemed to bounce in place as she said “Oh! I could suck your cock Professor!” He laughed as she came forward and took him in her mouth, bobbing her head enthusiastically up and down to start sucking him with no buildup, sliding her lips along his shaft as she kept her hands working on his balls. She pulled off to look up at him and ask “How am I doing Professor?” “You’re doing great, keep going” He told her. She smiled and asked, hands still working, “Should I deepthroat you? While I finger myself? I really want an A, so you can fuck my mouth while I cum if you want!” She started sucking again and she put his hand on the back of her head, pulling it down to push her deeper onto him and get him in a rhythm. Once he was going her hand slid down from his to drop between her own legs and started rubbing herself. He loved it and took full advantage, rocking his hips in time with her to penetrate deeper between her lips and press his tip into her throat. She pulled back once to gasp out “Professor, deepthroat me while I cum!” then went right back to sucking, shuddering as he thrust in and out of her mouth and pressing herself deeper on him as she came.

      After a moment she sat back again to catch her breath and then asked “What do you think, Professor? Have I earned my A yet?”

      He grinned down at her and said “I think you’re getting close. What else can you do to earn it?”

      She had her answer ready this time, sliding her finger along her own wetness and then putting it in his mouth to have him taste her and saying “I could ride you, Professor. Would you like to fuck your student?” He nodded and she climbed up on top of him, sliding a knee on either side of him and lowering herself down to slide him up into her. She went slowly, savoring the feel of him entering and stretching her, until she was halfway down and he put his hands on her shoulders to pull her down, thrusting the rest of his length inside of her all at once and eliciting a gasp and moan. His hands moved to her hips, moving her up and down along him and she reveled in feeling him use her, sliding her up and down like a toy as he got closer. She knew she was nearing another orgasm and asked him “Do you want to fill me Professor? I really want an A! If you want to cum inside me, I’ll suck you clean afterwards!” That was plenty to push him over the edge and he pulled her down hard, pumping himself out inside of her as she shuddered through her own moment of ecstasy feeling shot after shot of his warm cum deep inside her.

      He began sliding her up and she moved to climb off of him, then he pulled her down again to a gasp as he penetrated her, doing it again and again until his shaft was slick with his own cum inside of her, then pulling her all the way off and wrapping his hand around the back of her neck to pull her down to her knees and put her face in his lap again. “Should I clean you off, Professor? Will that get me an A?” She was asking innocently again, but already starting to lick at him and feeling his head twitch with each contact. He pulled her forward again by the back of her head and said “Suck me clean and you’ve got your A.” She smiled excitedly and got right to work…


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