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      Alister Fraser

      The good lady and I would like to help each other to a deeper and more sensual experience of sexual mental authority.  We can only meet weekly, and our bond is sensual and mental rather than physical.  Do others have relevant experience?

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      Hi Alister,

      I think what you currently have is what a lot of couples continually seek.  Mental and emotional connections far outweigh the physical which are limited to how long the bruises or bite marks last!

      Being only able to meet once a week does have the advantage of mental anticipation which certainly adds a lot to a relationship in that you make more of an effort and only see each other in the best light; there is no 2 day old stubble and hairs sticking out of your nose for a start!

      For us the mental depth is a holy grail always being sought. Missy requires a deeper a mental connection than I, which does not present a problem, more of a challenge.  We have talked openly for years and only recently have explored the areas of our minds that we keep locked away. My sadistic side only saw light this year, and we have been together over 10 years, and missy’s desire has deepened for humiliation.

      I think it’s safe to say that the more you open your mind up to, touching the things that make you feel uncomfortable with, the deep the two of you go.  Someone once said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them!”

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      Alister Fraser

      Thanks for that.  The anticipation sure does add to the intensity of the relationship I enjoy with the good lady.  It is clandestine, and that sure adds to the intensity too.  However I wonder what joy would come of sharing the richness of experience I gain in this relationship with my partner in my humdrum marriage with many topics off-bounds.

      Missy’s desire for humiliation: some 30-50 percent of people of both sexes share it, and it has survival value.  Does she appreciate hurt?  As her lovelord, you may learn from The Mistress Manual – where there are recommendations for pain induction that leaves no marks.   But as we seem to agree, the mental humiliation may be more satisfying.

      Does missy see you as a Daddy, an educator, a boss, a leader, a king, a God?

      Would ordeal, and forgiveness, confession and penance, the earning of intimacypoints or access to the master, be sources of pleasure and enrichment?

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      K’s Lady

      I’m sort of in that same world. Relationship with a guy I’ve had casual sex with for years, but we’ve recently branched out into a world I wanted to try. We are both married so time is limited even though both spouses are good with us being together. I might see him once a week or once every few weeks. We do text every day. I really don’t know how far I want to go into submission with him, but we have tried a few things that made me feel good/grounded/taken care of — I’m sure you all know the impulses 🙂

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