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      Welcome to the SWC Advent Calendar.

      The idea is to join us in the run up to Christmas by taking part in the Advent Tasks set. The tasks are open to interpretation and should be possible whether you are Dom, sub, in a dynamic or not, so please don’t feel there is a right or wrong. The main thing is just to enjoy yourself and share your experiences.

      Each task will be posted in a separate forum thread. You can add your response there as a reply but don’t feel you have to do them all or do them in order if it doesn’t work out.

      If you have any questions then please just ask here, or by DM or in the Advent Calendar Chatroom.

      So let’s get started and remember to check back and comment on the posts which are left.

      Advent Tasks

      1.       Get the Tinsel Out

      Find a creative way to show your Dominant or your submissive side by celebrating with tinsel.

      2.       Candy Canes

      Whether you are going for the sweet treat or the impact version, show us your best D/s candy cane ideas.

      3.       Harness those Reindeer

      Create yourself a bit gag and get ready for some fun.

      4.       Christmas Stockings

      Take a photo of your Christmas stockings – it can be naughty or nice.

      5.       Edge to Orgasm

      Edge yourself or your partner 5 times and then let go and enjoy

      6.       6 Things

      List 6 things about yourself or about someone else that you love.

      7.       Baby it’s Cold Outside

      Christmas is about the warm and fuzzies. Do something which you think will warm someone’s heart. Can be a partner or someone else. Can be naughty or nice.

      8.       8 Maids a’ Milking

      Either intense Nipple play or Cock play for 8 minutes.

      9.       Melting Moments

      Today is all about wax play. Create a festive design or just have fun.

      10.   Present Yourself

      Either in photo or to someone else, today is about being a present so wrap yourself up or decorate yourself in a bow. Present yourself in a way you think they will like and away you go.

      11.   Christmas Dress Up

      Find a way to bring a little bit of Christmas into your lives with some dress up. Can be full role play or a sneaky undergarment.

      12.   Are you being served?

      Provide a service to someone without being asked.

      13.   13 Things about D/s

      Today’s gift is to list 13 things that you love about Dominance or submission then share for us here or on your blog.

      14.   Festive Fantasy

      Share your festive fantasy. Can be spoken to someone or written and shared in forum or on blog, just remember to leave us a link.

      15.   Naughty and Knickerless

      No knickers (or pants) for you today. Lets all go commando and report for duty to tell us how it was for you!

      16.   Glass of Christmas Cheer

      Today is about fun and pleasure so your task is to use a glass dildo or decorative toy on yourself or someone else.

      17.   Kinky Christmas

      Give a kinky Christmas gift to someone. It can be a kinky photo or story, or even a secret shared etc.

      18.   What’s in Santa’s sack?

      Have a number of toys hidden and chose one randomly to play with either on your own or have someone chose one for you or have your partner use it on you. Subs you can see where this is going!

      19.   Decorate Yourself (or someone else)

      This one is open to interpretation but we are challenging you to decorate yourself in any way you want – can be with plugs, clamps, or something else.

      20.   20 minutes to orgasm

      Either for yourself or someone else, this is about 20 minutes of pure pleasure so just kick back and enjoy!

      21.   Blurred Body Parts

      This is a task which you can bring to our SWC Christmas Party. Send to HL by PM before the party tomorrow.

      22.   Christmas Party

      Come along and join the Christmas fun for the final chat.

      23.   Oh Christmas Tree

      A photo of your tree with maybe a naughty you too!

      24.   Play with those Christmas Baubles

      Time for some breast or ball play to complete the advent fun. Remember to check back and let us know what you got up to


      All that remains is to wish you all a very happy Christmas for all at the SafeworD/s Club. Thank you so much for joining in our advent celebration. We hope that you have had as much fun as we have and it has helped to put you in the festive mood.

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