Adding D/s into my marriage

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      Carissa Klu

      Im a new sub of the bratty variety and im wanting to introduce this lifestyle into my marriage. My husband is curious about it but we just dont know how or where to start. Any advise, books, and websites to look at would be greatly appreciated.

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      Sweet (MrH)


      I did the same thing with my husband nearly 3 years ago.   My husband wrote about how he found it in a post on here and you husband may find that useful.

      We found this website, especially the chats which are twice a week, Tuesdays and sundays at 8pm gmt a great source as well as on Fetlife you might be able to find a munch near you, and they are also useful.   A munch is like going to a coffee shop or pub with some friends there is no play just chatting.

      My own journey is documented on my website

      Submissys and HisLordships websites both contain valuable information and another useful website I would reccomend is

      Do come to the chats, both of you if your husband’s willing, that way you can get real time information

      Be safe

      Sweet Autumn Rose



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      Beth [MM]

      There is also a Resources subforum here on SWC, with books, websites, blogs, videos, etc.

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