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      Main points from the chat:

      Active submission is when you are participating or engaged in the act of submitting to (in other words giving yourself to) your partner. It contrasts with passive submission which is more about accepting or allowing what happens, or what he does, without resistance to it.

      It helps to be mindful as it makes being submissive easier: being very in tune with your submissive side means he is more likely to be tune in and this will bring out his Dominance.

      Active things would include serving him and things like sitting at his feet, kneeling, asking permission for things.

      Thinking about how you phrase things can help a lot – e.g. saying, “Can I do this for you?” Instead of, “Do you want me to do this?”

      Going to him when something is bothering you, even if you have no idea what it is, and asking for what you need instead of ‘expecting’ him to see it. Also asking when you feel that you need more control.

      Offering to do things instead of waiting to be asked, especially things which will help to remove the stress from him.

      Offering yourself sexually can work as if you can make that physical connection then that will activate him more and he will become more Dominant, but you need to be able to accept ‘not right now’ as an answer. Even when it isn’t sexual, physical things can be good – like a massage.

      Try to let him know that you appreciate him and what he does.


      Waiting For A Man To Take The Lead – John Wineland

      Active Submission

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