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      Missy (Founder)

      Main points from the chat:

      What is ABDL – Adult baby diaper lover

      ADULT BABY: Colloquial A person who engages in infantilism in the role of a very young child or infant.

      Basically it’s someone who’s little age is about 0-2 who does very baby stuff like cribs and pacis and bottles, crying instead of talking, cute onesies, paci clips, changing tables, wipes, diaper cream etc. Li

      Ageplay includes roleplaying as a certain age and does not necessarily include age regression. You are probably most familiar with this in the form of ABDL or Adult Baby Diaper Lovers, adults who enjoy age-playing as babies, wearing diapers and roleplaying as infants. ABDL role-players may also enjoy a lactation fetish or nursing with their partner, but, again, not all age-players enjoy this.

      You don’t have to call yourself ABDL to like certain things, such as diapers, pullups, paci’s, onsies, etc.

      To be clear, littles may not necessarily be into age-play and age-players may not necessarily be littles. Littles are generally submissives who regress to a certain age (known as “little space”) and enjoy being taken care of in a parental fashion. They might like colouring, watching cartoons, being given a bath or reading a story with their partner, but this all depends on the age they regress to.

      So ageplay is a form or roleplay, whereas a little is someone who is naturally childlike.

      It seems that some people are ABDL because they have incontinence and that’s how they cope with it.

      You can get onesies and pacis and diapers that are an appropriate size from http://www.theabdlshop.com/

      http://www.amazon.com is also good for onesies and cute pjs.

      You can also find cute dino diapers from the honestcompany and there are some cute onesies on Amazon sold by LittleforBig

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