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      Missy (Founder)

      8 Things I Love About you – List 8 things about your special person that you love and (preferably) tell them ….. and us!

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      Not in order:

      1. your willingness and courage in trying new things.
      2. The sincerity and dedication with which you pursue your training.

      3. you like it rough…

      4. you are very, very orgasmic.

      5. you do everything possible to make time for us.

      6. The effort you put into learning my wants and desires, and fulfilling them.

      7. your lack of inhibitions.

      8. BOOBS! (you knew that would make the list, lol)



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      1. The way I fit perfectly in Your arms when You hold me.
      2. The way You alway make time to message me, no matter how busy Your day is.
      3. How You use my name to make terms of endearment.
      4. How You are always the first to offer advice or guidance to anyone needing it.
      5. The way You celebrate the anniversary of every month of our relationship.
      6. The way You give as much, if not more, as You demand.
      7. That You always ask about my thoughts and feelings, and try to understand why I feel the way I do about any subject.
      8. That You find joy in sharing new things things with me, introducing me to new experiences, but doing so with patience and care and my safety as Your top priority.

      There are so many more Master, but for these reasons, i am Yours

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      8 things I love about my Sir even though he is in the UK. I’ll share this with him as well.

      1. The way you say my name when you are being romantic.
      2. The many nicknames you have for me.

      3. Taking time in your busy schedule to send me messages.

      4. When I’m sad and lonely you try your best to make me smile.

      5. During our sessions you always remind me of my safeword. And ask me if I’m ok.

      6. Wanting to learn about my culture and even trying to speak Spanish.

      7. For being open with me telling me everything about you.

      8. For standing by me when I wasn’t sure what direction I was going. I’m so happy I choose you.

      There a lot more things I love about my Sir.

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        What a lovely list rose. Thank you for sharing with us. There are so many ways our Doms give to us, but isn’t it amazing how some of the small ones make the biggest impact, like those quick messages or those sweet nicknames. ❤️

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          Thank you CSP. I’m a little late, but had to join in. I agree with your statement. Those nicknames and messages mean so much. Actually most of those nicknames were given to me before we started our D/s.  We clicked from the start and gave each other nicknames.  I do love how my names sounds in his British accent. So he knows how to use that on me. 🥰

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            Those accents get you every time don’t they! Vixen says MJL could read the phone book and it would turn her on. Lol My Master replaces “Sex” in my name with other descriptors like MyFunnyPuppet or MySweetPuppet and often MySmartAssPuppet. I love how He does that.

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              CSP I agree with Vixen Lee! Sir can tell me about the weather and  I’ll be putty in his hands! Lol I’m the first Latina he has friended and a Texan at that. So he said you are a category of one in a lot of things. That is one of my nicknames Sir started calling me. His category of one, or Sassy Latina ( yes that sass has gotten me a few times lol).

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      MrC’s AussieGirl

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      The Eight things I love about you….

      You dance like no one is watching

      Your interest in people is amazing

      Your investment in our family is constant

      I am attracted to you now as much as I did in the beginning

      Your growth sexually sometimes surprises me

      You make me a better person

      That you love me

      Your passion in everything you do




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      MJL’s Vixen Lee
      1. I love your passion and strength…
      2. I love that you are always patient and respectful towards me…
      3. I love that you are so caring and kind to me every single day…
      4. I love how loyal you are to all those around you…
      5. I love the way you check in with me daily, even when you had surgery you contacted me as soon as you were awake…
      6. I love that you encourage me to grow and see myself in a better light…
      7. I love how compassionate and understanding you are…
      8. Lastly but not in the slightest bit least, I love how devoted you are and how deeply you love…
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      MrC’s AussieGirl

      I just wanted to say how wonderful everyone’s posts have been. So thoughtful and well written, and how loving ! I have enjoyed reading all of them, and have a better insight into each couple. ❤️ 😊

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      Grimm’s lily

      For Grimm C, 8 things I love about you…

      • I love how you can make my heart race and my tummy flutter even after 9 years together.
      • I love how you really see me and are helping me to see myself through your eyes.
      • I love your generosity and consideration, like when you still get up in the morning to see me off to work even when you haven’t got to be up early that day.
      • I love how safe you make me feel.
      • I love what the gift of my submission does for you.
      • I love all the small things you do without a second thought.
      • I love that you listen with patience.
      • I love everything about you with all that I am, I’m so lucky and blessed to have you in my life.


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      Grimm C

      8 things I love about my lily…


      1. Your innocence, and the purity of your spirit
      2. Your courage, to keep moving forward in the face of adversity

      3. Your generosity, which you always give without asking anything in return

      4. Your creativity, where every artistry seems to be within your talents

      5. Your determination, to never give up on what you believe is right

      6. Your compassion, to always be there for others in times of need

      7. Your dedication, that any endeavour is completed to the best of your abilities

      8. Your submission, which is my most treasured possession


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      Eight things I love about MrM (who will show up on here one day):

      1. Your kindness (from which I benefit greatly but also extends to so many people around you)
      2. Your commitment to our relationship and willingness to talk through anything and everything

      3. Your willingness to sacrifice constantly for our little family

      4. Your concern for my well-being

      5. Your passion for investing in others

      6. Your acceptance of me for who I am (which remained unshaken when I brought up D/s for the first time)

      7. Your smouldering good looks – you still take my breath away

      8. Your steadiness and dependence on God through every storm

      I love you more every day. You are my greatest treasure.

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