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      Missy (Founder)

      Today we are asking you to list 6 things about yourself or about someone else that you love. The idea if this is to share the love but if you would prefer to share what you love about your Dominance or your submission that would work too.

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      Marie A. Rebelle

      I sat down to write 6 things, and the mindset I was in at the moment of writing, produced this:

      Six things for advent

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      Well I’m generally quite modest but here goes;

      1. My ability to write with words that convey some deeper sense of what affects me.

      2. My eye and my capacity to make pleasing photography

      3. The curve of my bum 😉

      4. My feeling of curiosity and care about other people. I look for the best in them

      5. My submissive bliss when in the hands of the right dominant

      6. Love I experienced just once but in such depth for ‘R’, though unrequited, I treasure it still 35 years later. Though I treasure it, ultimately, I’ve missed being close to this person. Even though the love was never returned, I was always happy being with ‘R’ x x x x

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        Missy (Founder)

        What a gorgeous list. I know it feels difficult to write about things we like about ourselves but there is something very attractive about it. Lovely!

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      Missy (Founder)

      So for this task I have actually written a post which you can find here if you are interested.  I took a different slant and wrote about 6 things that I love about my submission. If you don’t want to read then they are: intensity, connection, intimacy, excitement, safety and love.

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      6 Things I love about Rope

      I love holding position while MyLord  winds the rope around me

      I love the slide of the rope against my skin as the tail end is pulled through a loop

      I love MyLord’s breath in my ear while he tells me what he is going to do

      I love the smell of the jute

      I love the feeling of being contained, and the release that comes when the rope is removed

      I love the rope marks left on my skin


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