2. Eastern Promise of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

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      Missy (Founder)

      Today’s gift is a massage with oil. Complete the task in any way that suits you but remember to let us know what you got up to.

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      ‘Twas day two of Advent, and the task had been set.

      A massage with some oil was the gift she would get.

      But puppet was alone, her Master not near,

      But He had an idea, His instructions were clear.

      Picture me in your mind, My hands on your breasts,

      Squeeze them, rub them, pinch them, that is Your Master’s Caress.


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        MrC’s AussieGirl

        A poetic piece, with a beautiful message CSP. CPM is spoilt. 😉


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          Say rather, “Tended to, cared for, and pleasured in a most exemplary manner.”


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        Love the poem and the picture, CSP!

        My apologies for not having replied sooner. It’s been an unusually busy week and weekend.

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      Sexy, smart, and poetic?

      I am one very lucky Master……

      Wonderful, MySexPupet!

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        Thank You my Lord, i am happy You are pleased. 😊

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      Mister C

      Soft candles, easy lighting, fragrance that sooths the senses.  Ready willing and oh so delightful.

      massage final

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      Tried out our massage candle for the first time on my favorite canvas

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        MrC’s AussieGirl

        Now that ! Is a great photo MLP … strong and sexy ! I bet He loved every minute. 😉

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        Great pic mlp. That’s my favorite type of canvas also. Did MPL enjoy the massage candles?

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          He seemed very relaxed afterward, and there is no clean-up, which is a big plus


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        He looks very relaxed: must have been a good massage!

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      We do not have a picture of this event unfortunately, however, missy was treated to a relaxing full weight massage. As she lay naked on her front I sat astride her legs and poured warm fragrant oil on my hands and slowly worked it in to her skin. Once she began to relax I shifted my weight so that my centre of gravity was over her and my weight transferred through my arms and hands into her. Her body took the rythmic back and forth motion easily and having applied more oil, my thumbs travelled deep across her back looking for knots and tightness.

      Half an hour passed very quickly, and being naked myself I realised I too was benefitting from the experience. Shifting my hips forward I pressed myself between missy’s legs and was at once eveloped by her. There was no space for Mr. Nice-Guy and missy took everything I could give her, hard, fast and with my hands holding her hips forcing her back on to me.

      Afterwards, she took a clit sucker and brought herself to a strong orgasm whilst I rubbed more oil into her nipples. She didn’t last long, and was certainly relaxed.

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