13. At Your Feet

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      Missy (Founder)

      The run up to Christmas can be really busy with a lot of rushing around. Today’s advent gift is about taking the weight off with a sensual foot massage. Relax and enjoy!

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      Mister C

      For My Girl

      All ten of my lovers await me as I fondle them passionately
      well lubed we are and playful.

      I push on ever deeper into the valleys and mountains of the intrepid travelers whos scars and soreness are relieved by the passionate rub of my firm hands.

      Tension is transformed into elation as  muscles, flesh, sinew are pulled outward
      like wings stretching upward … ever  upward

      Do you feel cherished?  Do you feel worshiped?
      Do You feel the message of unconditional love.

      The touch is for you, all of you, all of it, all of all is for you
      … it starting with a foot rub.

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        this is so sweet MrC. Thanks for sharing.

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        Wow. That is very powerful.

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