11. Are you being served?

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      Missy (Founder)

      Today is all about serving so your task is to provide a sexy service for someone special.

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      My Sir has had a long week. So I messaged him and said I was at has his service. 🥰 (Honestly my Sir has truly made me feel sexy and beautiful. Before him I would never show my body.

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        Very enticing photo rose. Just a glimpse of what waits for your sir is very sexy. It’s wonderful that he has helped you see yourself through his eyes. You look beautiful waiting to serve.

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          Thank you CSP. I love the support this community gives.  You, VL and everyone else has made me feel very welcome. ❤️

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        MJL’s Vixen Lee

        Love your photo Rose. So enticing…

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          Thank you VL. Definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. But Sir is very happy of me pushing myself.

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      Ready to serve my Master.

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      MrC’s AussieGirl

      A sexy service for someone special … to follow up on the night before.
      Waking My Sir up on a Sunday morning with more reciprocal Kisses from the night before (see Day 10 kisses and yes we were a day behind … even though technically here in Aus we are a day ahead ! 😂😂) …. and offering to service Him in any way He wanted. A Sunday morning He enjoyed in a variety of ways, before we went to Church. 😉

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        sounds like a great way to start off the day!

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