D/s Discussion / Toys / 8pm-9pm BST

Continuing with the letter T, this week is all about toys. What is the last toy you bought, how have you used it and what

D/s Discussion / Urophilia / 8pm-9pm BST

This time we are discussing Urophilia or water sports. Whether or not this is something you have tried, what do you think the appeal could

Topic Chat / Vulnerability / 8pm-9pm BST

Whether you find it easy to show your vulnerability or not, being vulnerable it is at the heart of forming deep connections with others. This

Open Chat / 8pm-9pm CST

Due to a lack of material for the Fantasy chat previously planned this will now become an open chat. Please join MPL and MLP and

D/s Discussion / Voyeurism / 8pm-9pm BST

Voyeurism is the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity. This week we chat about