Topic Chat / Topic Gathering -8pm-9pm BST

Today we take sometime to survey the site's users for ideas on what you would like to discuss going forward. It's an open floor so please give us your thoughts!

Topic Chat / Primal Play / 8pm – 9pm CST

Do you enjoy raw, animalistic play? Do you love a struggle or enjoy things such as biting, scraping or wrestling? Whether you are an experienced primal player or just interested to know more sign in and lets chat...

Topic Chat / Active Submission / 8pm – 9pm CST

Lets get active. Sometimes we need to do more than just follow our rules and complete our rituals. Sometimes to keep the dynamic going we have to be more actively submissive, so come along to chat and share ideas, swap experiences and find out what others do.

D/s Discussion / Anal Play / 8pm-9pm BST

We are using an A-Z theme to for chat inspiration so this week is A and we are all about the anal. Share your experiences on starting out with anal play, toys and techniques and anal scenes. Meet in The Dungeon from 8pm ~ New members always welcome.

Topic Chat / Aftercare / 8pm-9pm BST

Continuing with our A to Z of chats we are sticking with the letter A so this chat is all about aftercare. We explain the importance of aftercare, the different forms it can take and the pitfalls of ignoring the need for it in this week's topic chat. Join us in the Dungeon from 8pm […]

Topic Chat / Masturbation / 8pm-9pm CST

How do you use masturbation in your relationship? Is it still something you do alone or do you masturbate for each other? And then there is mutual masturbation - the tricks and the tips. 

Topic Chat / Fetishes / 8pm-9pm CST

Please join in to discuss all kinds of kink and fetishes. Lets share what makes us come to life with sexual desires whether they are fetishes you have enjoyed or are looking forward to trying...

Topic Chat / Impact Play / 8pm-9pm CDT

Please join in for this week's chat on impact play - from crops to paddles to canes to ......., we will be talking about what works, how and why. Please come along and hit us with your thoughts.

D/s Discussion / Active Submission / 8pm-9pm BST

We started our A to Z on a Sunday so we have an additional letter A chat to squeeze in. The topic this week for discussion is Active Submission. What does it mean to be actively submissive, how does this work around Dominance and is it something that forms part of your dynamic? Meet in […]