Topic Chat / Show & Tell / 8pm-9pm CST

This week's topic is a toys show and tell.  Please come along to share your favorite toys and tell us how you like to use them.

D/s Discussion / Active Submission / 8pm-9pm BST

We started our A to Z on a Sunday so we have an additional letter A chat to squeeze in. The topic this week for discussion is Active Submission. What does it mean to be actively submissive, how does this work around Dominance and is it something that forms part of your dynamic? Meet in […]

Topic Chat / Bondage / 8pm-9pm BST

We continue with our A to Z of chats with the letter B and tackle Bondage this week. Join us to find out about bondage in its different forms including bondage and restraint, decorative bondage and honour bondage. Meet in The Dungeon from 8pm ~ New members always welcome!

Book Group / Fear of Flying / 9pm-10pm BST

We have voted that this month we will read ‘Fear of Flying’ (feminism, humour) – Erica Jong Looking forward to seeing you all in the Library. Please note the date of this chat has changed from the 5th and is now the 19th. New members always welcome.

D/s Discussion / Balance / 8pm-9pm BST

We continue this week with B for Balance. A good D/s relationship is all about balance because that is how a power exchange works. How does balance come into your Dominance and submission? Meet in The Dungeon from 8pm ~ New members always welcome!

Topic Chat / Consent / 8pm-9pm BST

Moving on to the letter C this week, we are talking about consent. While people tend to think that there is blanket consent in a D/s relationship this isn't necessarily the case. This week we shed light on how consent might work and tackle areas such as consensual non-consent. Meet in The Dungeon from 8pm […]

D/s Discussion / Control / 8pm-9pm BST

We continue with the letter C with talking about Control. How does control work for you? Have you found it hard to take control or hard to give it up? What things have you done to help to make control work in your power exchange? Meet in The Dungeon from 8pm ~ New members always […]