Topic Chat / Mindset / 8pm-9pm GMT

Today we explore mindset. What things help to establish and manage a dominant and submissive mindset, and what things can get in the way?

Open Chat / Open Forum / 8pm – 9pm CST

Hello everyone. This is an open chat without a main topic so feel free to join in and share from your experiences or simply ask questions that you have been wondering about...VL

Topic Chat / Sub Play! / 8pm-9pm GMT

The topic today is playing with your Dom. We spend a lot of time talking about the things that the Dom does for, and to the sub but what are the things that the sub does for and to the Dom? How do you build this type of play into your dynamic so that both […]

Topic Chat / VL & Rob ?s / 8pm- 9pm CST

Hello everyone. On this Friday I will have my husband Rob come on to answer any questions you might have about our dynamic. Master James Lee is in Ireland and it would be held at 2am for him, so I do not believe he can make it...VL

D/s Discussion / Where’s The Weirdo? / 8pm-9pm GMT

Today we ask each of you your memories of your most weird play scenes, by your standards of course. Where, When and maybe even WHAT! Come and share your either your memories, or aspirations!

Topic Chat / Spanking / 8pm-9pm GMT

Spanking is always a popular topic so we thought it was time to revisit! Please come along, ask questions and share your own experience. How do you approach a spanking session and what are you preferred techniques and positions?

D/s Discussion / Weekly Reflection / 8pm-9pm

Today is Valentines day, however, your connection is not just one day a year we are sure. Tell us about your D/s week and what things stand out as great and less so. Did you learn anything and what would you change.