What is a cuckold?

A cuckold is man who finds pleasure in seeing his wife (or partner) having sex with other men, this can be a form of emotional/mental masochism for the cuckold. Therefore, cuckolding is when the cuckold and his partner engage in a session in which his partner is being fucked by other men and he watches. For this kind of kink to work, they must be some sort of commitment between the cuckold and his partner but not necessarily marriage. The cuckold is aware that the session is going to happen and helps arrange it, which can be a turn on for them to put an ad out asking for men to fuck his partner while he watches and may even include a few pics of his partner so the interested men could know exactly what they are getting themselves into…literally!

*Cuckold competition*

Part of the pleasure for the cuckold is competing with another man’s sperm as it makes their partner much more desirable after having sex with another man. This is not greatly accepted in the cuckold community and it is based on science.

Cuckolding can also include:

  • Humiliation eg. Tom has a much bigger cock than you and he fucks better too.
  • Female Dominance eg. Get a young, tall guy to fuck me this Saturday while you watch
  • Voyeurism- getting turned on from watching people fuck, in this case his partner and another guy(s)
  • Denial eg. Jack fucked me so good I don’t want to fuck you now, you’ll have to wait until Saturday

Fun fact: Cuckolds come from the “cuckoo” bird who lays eggs in other birds’ nests. Cuckolding follows this by mean having sex with other men’s partners

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