According to the internet, a community is a place where people come together to share a common interest.   That I suppose, could be the problem with D/s for new people; they search for some hidden meaning or secret handshake.  I too waited for some bolt of lightening that would make me understand what I was supposed to be doing.  In fact, it is actually far more simple, for being in a D/s relationship is about being more aware of others and how your actions effect them.  I appreciate each dynamic is very different, however, being part of a community does help. I was once accused by another Dom of looking for validation as if it was a dirty word.  I would say that a small part of being in a community is getting some form of validation. How many places can you go and ask about someone’s new job and in the next breath enquire if their new butt plug was a success?


The community we have on the SWC is made up of so many different people. Everyone gives and takes different things from it and that is perfectly fine. However, there will always be an individual who plays the part of a subversive, whether it is in their own good faith to affect change or with a very strange view of life that requires malice. These are not contributors to an effective community and are often seen for what they are very quickly.  They may discolour the water, like a drop of ink in a glass, but you can still see through it and in time the water will clear. Obviously the more fresh water you add, the faster clarity is achieved.


Missy and I are really pleased with the community you have built as members. Seeing old friends, meeting new and sharing experiences all helps to pull people together. What helps keep us glued is the lifestyle we lead and the values we place in our own relationships.  Having a mixed Dom/sub room was a leap of faith which has worked out so far.  I know that some subs value the opportunity to read a Dom’s perspective on an issue, just as I know that Dom’s enjoy interacting with subs on a platform of friendship and healthy debate. We have been thanked numerous times for providing this site, which is nice to hear, however, it’s success is down to you.


So I will use this opportunity to thank you all for making The SWC a positive, all inclusive, and friendly community.  Long may it stand as an example of your good faith and of course, your very kinky minds!


HL & Missy

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