Collar n cuffs

Collar n cuffs

We are not 24/7 D/s so day collars have never been on the list and even if we were 24/7 I don’t know if I would have one anyway. We have been married for 25 years, Sir has never had a wedding ring and I rarely wear one. It just isn’t a priority for us. We know we are completely committed to each other. I totally understand the importance, to some people, of having a wedding band or a collar as a symbol of the commitment they have made but luckily for both of us neither of us feel that way.

We do have a collar we sometimes use when we play. It’s a strong, thick, soft leather collar with a number of metal D rings spaced around it. We choose this as we felt it would give Sir more options for play and so far so good. Sir has used the rings, with rope or cuffs, to secure me in different positions and places. Some examples that spring to mind are;
Rope or cuffs securing my wrists to the collar either in front, to each side or behind me.
Rope securing me on the floor, with Sir standing on it. I’m usually on my knees with my head on the floor, giving Sir a lovely target to swat.
When secured over the bed with wrist cuffs Sir also fastened the collar to the rope. This kept me in an upright position as I tend to lean forward.

I’m usually quick to get into sub mode for play, an instruction to get myself upstairs or a text as I finish work giving me 20 minutes to prepare myself mentally and physically is usually enough for me. We don’t always use the collar when we play but when Sir brings out the collar the feeling is instant and play is usually more intense. I don’t have to think about submitting I just do. I feel calm, patient and willing, knowing I am all his.

I think our first cuffs were the ones that came with the under bed restraint. The system came with wrist and ankle cuffs. They are black nylon and effective for use on the bed, with the collar or fastening together. We have used them for suspension but they aren’t really designed for that. Sir had to be very careful, watching my hands for signs of lack of circulation. This limited the time I was being suspended and play had to change.
After we stayed at a dungeon and used some suspension cuffs I was sold and excited to get my very own. They are comfortable and I can be suspended for a considerable time across the bedroom. They take the pressure off my wrists and I support alot of my weight on my hand/fingers. A wise investment and worth every penny.

We have a set of light weight, metal hand cuffs, bought online so we couldn’t really see the quality of the product. They are alright for ‘light’ play but feel if I were to put alot of force on them they would break. They are good for a bit of fun or role play so can stay in the you box. Also in the box is a pair of thigh cuffs. They are actually 2 large dog collars that we picked up from a local pet store. To be honest we haven’t used these very often. I suppose you can only do so much with limited time and we all have so much to do in a short amount of time.




4 thoughts on “Collar n cuffs

  1. It’s hot to read the impact having a collar put on you has.

    Thigh collars by using dog collars, hmm I may have to use that one. It can be tricky to pin one’s thighs down.

  2. Great that you have found some cuffs that don’t cut your blood off! You obviously like the feel of collars and cuffs and that comes through loud and clear in your post. Thank you for sharing!

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