Live Chat

Here at The SafeworD/s Club we host a number of Dominant and submissive chat rooms which should allow you to meet and connect with others.  Although the chat is available all the time, we would encourage you to  join us in the chat rooms for one of our scheduled events where the focus is on learning from others by sharing and comparing experience in an online style munch.

Regular events include:
Tuesday Topic chats on aspects of D/s and BDSM play;
Thursday Dominant and submissive discussions;
Sunday night open chat;
Little parties every second week at US Eastern time.

Please check the Club Calendar to view a list of current events.

Please note that only members can participate in chat therefore you must be registered and logged in to view the chat.

Our chat rooms are a great place to meet and discuss all manner of topics. On occasion you may wish to share pictures, links to external web sites or other sources, which we are very happy for you to do. We ask, however, that you refrain from the indiscriminate use of random pornographic pictures, movies or GIFS.  Our site is designed to be low key and such material appearing on members' devices without warning could place their privacy at risk.

As we are based in the UK, chat times provided currently are in Greenwich Mean Time, unless stated otherwise.

Chat Rooms

Main Lounge

The main lounge is open all of the time and is used to inform members of upcoming events, and as a meeting place throughout the week.  As this room is live 24/7 members should be aware that it is not moderated, although it will be monitored. The main lounge is a mixed room and is open to Dominants and submissives.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon welcomes both Dominants and submissives and is used to host larger chat events, such as the weekly topic chats on aspects of Dominance and submission.

Dom's Saloon and sub's Lounge

In order to allow members to talk more freely, these rooms are specific to Dominants and submissives respectively. Whilst The SWC has a relaxed atmosphere where all rooms can be seen, we ask that Dominants and submissives do not comment in opposing rooms as this often interrupts the flow of a conversation.

The Snug

The Snug is a smaller chat-room designed for more intimate groups to talk about specific topics and this is where the little parties take place every two weeks. The little parties are held at US Eastern time. 

We welcome feedback and would ask that any member who would like to make suggestions or has ideas for chat topics or events, gets in touch via our Contact Page