orgasms - the icing on my cake

The Icing on My Cake

In our early years I would say that orgasms were few and far between. Not through lack of opportunity as we’ve always had lots of sex, it’s just that I didn’t orgasm every time. I’m sure I read or watched somewhere that not all women orgasm. Luckily for me it wasn’t an issue for me […]

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Suspension - ceiling mount

Ceiling Mount – Just Hanging Out!

I have been interested in having a suspension point in the bedroom for sometime now. I was envious of those who managed to get their bedrooms ‘pimped’ for play, and hoped I would one day be able to rig something up! As luck would have it I saw on line a ceiling mount for exercise […]

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Accessories and Mindset - image from Bijoux Indescrits

Accessories and Mindset

The theme for our topic chat this week is accessories and mindset. This really goes further than just thinking about what we wear as part of play to tapping in to how certain accessories can make us feel. Sometimes certain things will bring with them a particular memory and trigger a certain feeling based on […]

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Headspace - Gem as puppy naked with a tail

Finding an Alternative Headspace

Everyone will be different as a headspace is very personal and individual. This is how it is for me and how it works in our dynamic. I am certainly no expert.   I think the most important part of finding an alternative headspace is initially thinking about the space you want to be in and […]

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Primal play – bite me

Odaxelagnia is identified as a sexual paraphilia or kink whereby one experiences sexual pleasure and arousal from biting and/or being bitten. Odaxelagnia is sometimes associated with sexual vampirism but, generally, most forms of sexual biting do not tend to draw blood for obvious infection risk reasons. Apparently, human saliva contains at least 50 species of bacteria, and […]

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Thinking about playing in public?

The prospect of taking play outwith the privacy of one’s home and playing in public at an event can often polarise opinions. Sometimes the answer is a resounding no, others may feel curious and wonder how the experience would feel and sometimes the response is an enthusiastic yes, let’s try it!  I think there are […]

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Spanking it up at the SWC

As the focus for this week is spanking, we thought it would be good to get a bit of an insight into what some of us like about spanking, how we use it, and how it adds to our dynamic. Personally I have written a lot on my own blog about the topic and this […]

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Lessons Learnt With Sex Toys

So you want to buy a sex toy?  Well, like a princess, you will probably have to kiss a few frogs before finding the right one for you.  The right sex toys for you are about as individual as your finger prints.  The problem is, many of the toys are made for mass production and […]

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Let’s Play Pretend

Role Play allows you to be someone else or within an environment you might otherwise not be. It can be exciting seeing yourself and your partner in a different way. It’s also a good excuse to put on the clothes in your wardrobe that you never thought you’d wear again. What if I can’t act? […]

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Fear and Excitement

I think most people agree that there is a fine line between Fear and Excitement.  Somewhere in our makeup, chemicals produce the emotions we feel and without digging too deep into an anatomy class I am sure there is only an X or a Y between Excitement and Fear. So, what make this type of […]

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