When we first started out, HisLordship and I looked over a limits list together.  It is really important in a D/s relationship that you are aware of what each other’s limits are.  The open communication you have together mean that it is usually not a difficult thing to discuss and it can actually be a great way of working through any embarrassment that you may have. We actually had a lot of fun doing it and it was also quite hot to be talking and thinking about all of the things that we might one day do together. 

Dominants will be referred to as male and submissives referred to as female in this post because that’s easiest for me to write about.

Tickle torture which is also called knismolagnia or titillagnia or knismophilia. Tickle torture is where the Dom tickles the sub to reinforce his dominance and her submission or to punish the sub. It causes the sub to lose control of herself and provides a continuous sensation compared to other types of play. The Chinese used tickling as a form of torture to get information from soldiers from other lands. Continue reading “Tickle Torture”

What is a cuckold?

A cuckold is man who finds pleasure in seeing his wife (or partner) having sex with other men, this can be a form of emotional/mental masochism for the cuckold. Therefore, cuckolding is when the cuckold and his partner engage in a session in which his partner is being fucked by other men and he watches. For this kind of kink to work, they must be some sort of commitment between the cuckold and his partner but not necessarily marriage. The cuckold is aware that the session is going to happen and helps arrange it, which can be a turn on for them to put an ad out asking for men to fuck his partner while he watches and may even include a few pics of his partner so the interested men could know exactly what they are getting themselves into…literally! Continue reading “Cuckolding”