orgasm control

How to Master Orgasm Control

I realised that we didn’t have a post about orgasm control so thought it would be an idea to write one. As always, there is no wrong or right so these are just suggestions about what you might want to try which are based on my own experience. What is Orgasm Control? Orgasm control is […]

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Rope Play

So you want to try rope play?

Rope play is the topic for Tell Me About this week and I realised we didn’t have a post about it on our blog so wanted to put something together. What I have done is to try to collect some resources by way of advice and instruction as there is quite a lot out there […]

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Impact Play

I tend to think that impact play is one of the first things that people think of when conjuring up images of BDSM. There might be some black leather or shiny PVC knocking about too, however, whips, paddles and floggers are common go-to images. I recall seeing images of staged spanking in magazines when I […]

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Wax Play- Naked Flame

For the purposes of full disclosure, I haven’t done a great deal of wax play, or I should say, we haven’t.  It’s not that we have a great aversion to it, it’s just that it’s never high on the priority list.  When have played with wax, it’s been fun and like most people we probably […]

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sex/swinger's club

When Reality becomes Fantasy

In the words of my Sir. SX Reality… So, we plucked up the courage to visit the sex/swinger’s club for the third time. Full of excitement and anticipation we drove to the venue, both full of nervous tension. On arrival we assured each other that we were both still 100% up for it, although deep […]

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Tell Me About … Pain

For the majority of people who are into BDSM, pain and pleasure seem to walk hand in hand. How you feel and the way that you experience each will vary greatly from person to person and will be dependent on a variety of other factors, but there is usually a close relationship between the two. […]

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