Addicted to Love ~ the truth about subfrenzy

Many new submissives experience subfrenzy without knowing anything about it. Although subfrenzy is something discussed in most BDSM circles, the can be a scarcity of information online to help understand how it can appear when D/s is introduced into a long term relationship. Whether you are in a play type dynamic or a D/s lifestyle, […]

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These are unprecedented times without doubt. If you are reading this in 2040 maybe the financial impact of Covid-19 may be over. The unfortunate thing is that the new generation of bloggers will be paying for it similar to those of the 1960s paying the debt of the Second World War. Either way, it will […]

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Discreet D/s

Discreetly showing a D/s-relationship in public

If you are in a 24/7-D/s-relationship, after some time the question may arise as to whether it would be possible to show this way of living a bit in public. People who live this way don’t want to hide their lifestyle completely then, simply because that is who they are. To them, it has become […]

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self reflection

Self Reflection. Me?

One would assume that having been in a D/s relationship for a fair few years now I would have a good grasp on where I am with myself.  Well the faux surprise is that I didn’t, until today.  Missy and I have been discussing her needs and specific kinks that press her buttons, or more […]

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training your submissive wife

Training as a submissive wife

Training is a term often thrown around in the world of Dominance and submission, but to find out what it actually means and involves can be quite hard. As with everything, training means different things to different people and this post reflects an interpretation of it which comes from within a married dynamic. I say […]

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Brats – The Wild Submissives

Brats – The Wild submissives is a guest post by Deviant Succubus. Although not a member of The SWC, she is a regular contributor to Tell Me About… and we are delighted that she agreed to write this piece for us.  What is a brat in BDSM and D/s? Both within the kink community and […]

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Holidays are coming

Yay, holidays are coming but wait…  Usually we have a couple of afternoons to ourselves each week, to do what we want, be as noisy as we like, but with the school holidays comes a temporary stop to our afternoon fun.  A 6 week summer school holiday is a long time to tone down the […]

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humiliation was a limit

Being Vulnerable: Knowledge is Power

I am a private person. I wouldn’t like to be seen as vulnerable or on the flip side, as some sort of warrior princess hero thing. I like to blend in with a crowd, not one for attention (she says putting things into words for others to read haha). I think it would be fair […]

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submission and I

Submission and I

I had a little fantasy in my little box, locked away until….. you guessed it, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. I’ve never been a lover of books but started to read a lot more. I couldn’t get enough of them. Throw in a life changing event that made me think ‘fuck it life is too short’, […]

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Porn To Be Wild

Trying to prise apart the rain soaked and bloated pages of a discarded copy of Playboy was my first real challenge with porn.  There was always a copy of some magazine or other found in the large overgrown field at the rear of my childhood house.  In addition to the traditional men’s magazine of Playboy, […]

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I’m A Changing Man

There are people of various genders who have the role of dominant in their relationship, and find it something that is naturally a good fit. Equally there are many that strive to be that type of  person and find it harder than others, and yet they continue to try hard. It’s good to have aims, […]

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Surviving the Holidays

  We thought that it would be a good idea to do a collaborative post for this topic as everyone manages things a little differently. So here goes for our top tips:     PurpleSole Christmas day will be at my in-laws so here are some fun tips for maintaining the dynamic when in the […]

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give and take - gift wrapped present

Life is a game of give and take

Our theme this week is ‘festive fun’ so it seemed to make sense to think about giving. There is a huge focus on giving during the festive period and it is also a key part of any D/s relationship – giving is for life not just for Christmas as they say and that certainly works […]

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Faith and the submissive

Faith and the submissive   I struggled to write this because I didn’t want to make this about me. I wanted it to be anonymous. I wanted to be distant. I wanted to be analytical and disconnected. But how do you explain the two most intimate parts of your mind and soul without it becoming […]

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Respect the Rules

Rules are pretty key to our relationship, although even without that I am a person who likes to have rules to follow. I suppose that is why a D/s marriage works so well for me as having rules and structure makes me feel safe. It makes sense of things and makes me feel as though […]

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