These are unprecedented times without doubt. If you are reading this in 2040 maybe the financial impact of Covid-19 may be over. The unfortunate thing is that the new generation of bloggers will be paying for it similar to those of the 1960s paying the debt of the Second World War. Either way, it will […]

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Being dominant or submissive and romantic

How to be Dominant or submissive and Romantic

Sometimes people in D/s relationships feel that there is little room left for being romantic. Why is this? Well one reason could be because the elements of romance are so well embedded in what you do anyway that you have stopped noticing they are there. Creating a sense of excitement and mystery may be one […]

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Discreet D/s

Discreetly showing a D/s-relationship in public

If you are in a 24/7-D/s-relationship, after some time the question may arise as to whether it would be possible to show this way of living a bit in public. People who live this way don’t want to hide their lifestyle completely then, simply because that is who they are. To them, it has become […]

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self reflection

Self Reflection. Me?

One would assume that having been in a D/s relationship for a fair few years now I would have a good grasp on where I am with myself.  Well the faux surprise is that I didn’t, until today.  Missy and I have been discussing her needs and specific kinks that press her buttons, or more […]

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Feminist - image of wonderwoman in chains

Dominance, submission and feminism

Ever since I can remember I have been a feminist. As a child, I refused to play with Barbie dolls, saying they looked ridiculous. In High School I was the sort of girl that tore down FHM centrefolds from the common room walls whilst shouting about the casual objectification of the female body and at […]

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training your submissive wife

Training as a submissive wife

Training is a term often thrown around in the world of Dominance and submission, but to find out what it actually means and involves can be quite hard. As with everything, training means different things to different people and this post reflects an interpretation of it which comes from within a married dynamic. I say […]

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