As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to thank you all very much for your continued support with The SafeworD/s Club. It was always our intention that this should be a community which was defined by the members and you have all helped in establishing a place which is welcoming, inclusive and supportive. It has been brilliant to see such a diverse group who have been willing to give up their own time, experience and knowledge to become involved and share with others. 

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new SWC Book Group. Please CLICK HERE to join the group and then we will keep you up-to-date via email about what is going on.


Details of book chats and discussion threads can be found on OUR FORUM where you can also get involved by joining the discussion threads, sharing your thoughts and making suggestions.


The first chat will be a WELCOME CHAT which will take place this Sunday, DECEMBER 3, from 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm GMT.  The chat this time will really be an introduction to what our brand new book group is going to involve. So please come along and join Miriam, slars, and cc in THE LIBRARY to say hello and find out how it is all going to work. 


For more information about the book group, please see the group admins, Miriam, littleloveslars and cc.

Tomorrow is World Metal Health day so I wanted to take a minute just to raise awareness for that.  At work we are wearing a ‘touch of yellow’ in order to highlight this as there are growing numbers of young people in schools who are managing with mental health issues.  Since joining the wonderful world of Domination and submission I have made loads of amazing friends but I have been surprised by the numbers of those who are managing, or who have managed, mental health issues of some sort. Clearly I do not believe that there is a link between D/s and mental health issues, quite the opposite in fact.  In reality a large number of the people who I have spoken to actually feel that the D/s has helped them to manage their difficulties in a positive way. Continue reading “Hello Yellow”

According to the internet, a community is a place where people come together to share a common interest.   That I suppose, could be the problem with D/s for new people; they search for some hidden meaning or secret handshake.  I too waited for some bolt of lightening that would make me understand what I was supposed to be doing.  In fact, it is actually far more simple, for being in a D/s relationship is about being more aware of others and how your actions effect them.  I appreciate each dynamic is very different, however, being part of a community does help. I was once accused by another Dom of looking for validation as if it was a dirty word.  I would say that a small part of being in a community is getting some form of validation. How many places can you go and ask about someone’s new job and in the next breath enquire if their new butt plug was a success? Continue reading “Community”

Just over two months ago, HisLordship and I opened the virtual doors of The SafeworD/s Club.  The idea behind the site was to provide a safe and friendly place for Dominants and submissives to come along, meet others, and chat. Our thinking was that we wanted to be able to provide somewhere for people to share their experience and also learn from each other. We have always appreciated the support that we have had from the friends we have made on this journey and on a selfish level we wanted to build on that, as well as offering the same to others. Continue reading “And next, here comes the Blog”

Based on a conversation in the Main Lounge the other night, we have added a new forum. It is meant to be a bit of fun where you start a thread based on whether or not you think someone is a Dom, a sub, or a switch. So far there is a ‘Game of Thrones’ topic but feel free to add others. 

Dom, sub or switch….?

Thank you also to everyone who has contributed to the forums already. They are slowly starting to fill up so please read what others have written, reply and add new topics. 

As an addition to the calendar for this week, we would like to let you know about a second Dom and sub topic chat. Due to the fact that most of our chats take place at a UK time, we wanted to offer something for those of you who are across the pond and may not be able to make the earlier time on a Tuesday. Hopefully some of you will be able to attend both!

The TOPIC for the chat this week will be PRIMAL PLAY and it will take place on WEDNESDAY from 8pm-9pm EDT in THE DUNGEON.

Do you enjoy raw, animalistic play? Do you love a struggle or enjoy things such as biting, scraping or wrestling? Whether you are an experienced primal player or just interested to know more, please come along and join EMILY for a topic chat on Primal Play and share your ideas, thoughts and experience.


We are really pleased that so far we have had lots of members come along to support the chats. They have been going very well with lots of lively discussion about a variety of D/s related topics. Doms and subs alike have been able to engage with others and learn and share with them.

We realise that due to other commitments some of you may find it tricky sometimes to make the open chats or the topic chats and so we have introduced some new forums so that you can still discuss aspects of Domination and submission with fellow members. 

We have created forums under key headings to get us started, but are sure that members will have their own thoughts of what to add as the site grows, and can let us know in the Suggestions  forum.  Having the forums will also mean that more of the expertise and knowledge and information that is being shared in the chats, can now be stored in a format that is accessible to all. 

Please have a look, reply to a thread, or start a new topic.

As of this week, we also plan to have a Weekly Discussion Thread; the topic will be started on a Monday and will then be closed on the following Sunday. This will mean that members can still view the discussion at a later date, although they would not be able to add to it after that week. We hope that this will encourage people to contribute and also to encourage new members to the site. 

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those of you who made it to stop by last night for our opening night.  We really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you and hope that you will visit again. The club will be down to the success of its members so we hope that you will continue to come along and become involved in the regular and specialist chats. 

A very tired but very happy missy ?


Thank you to all of you who have shown an interest in the club so far, and to those of you who have already signed up as members.

Tomorrow is our grand opening where we will host a live chat in The Dungeon for those of you who would like to pop in and say hello.

The chat will run from 8pm until 8am British Summer Time, which we hope will allow those of you in parts of the world other than the UK, to join us at some point.  

Admittedly we have not partied all night for a few years now, but we will endeavour to be there for as much of the evening as we can, and will let the chat run for those who are around.

We hope to see you there,

HisLordship and missy