As a pastime, journaling seems it seems to have undergone a surge in popularity in recent years, with people turning to journals as a response to a busy and over-committed life where they need to take time out for themselves to reconnect and organise the many demands. It can be a helpful way to de-clutter […]

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Resets – what, why and how

What is a reset? I am not sure if resets are things which exist formally in D/s relationships or if they are something we have made up, but if it isn’t a thing then it should be because it is quite important. It was only when I was thinking about it for the chat we held […]

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I think most people understand the concept of discipline whereby training is designed to condition people or animals to behave in certain way. There is also the added element of punishment if the terms are not met. Despite being a little rebellious as a child, I sought the comfort of discipline that can be found […]

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Are You Being Served?

The TellMeAbout prompt this time around is Service. Missy has written a very personal piece on the subject (here) and in it self is another way-marker for me to see where she stands on the subject, and also gives me some prompts for our relationship. It is not the first she has penned thoughts on […]

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It takes a lot for me to respect you.  In someways, I almost have to feel you, like making a lasting impression that I can dip into for inspiration or direction.  There are only a few people that have done that to me, which in someways sounds derogatory to those people I really like, although […]

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Rituals: the why the how and the what

Why we have rituals For most D/s couples, rituals are quite an important part of what they do. Although they are often the small things, an action, a word, a deed, they can help to keep the right mindset for both of you. They do this by reinforcing the power exchange and essentially highlighting the […]

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emotional needs

Meeting Emotional Needs and Daring Greatly

Well, this week love is in the air and with the approach of Valentines Day, romance is on the agenda. For many there is a focus on gifts, and on the sexy and spicy aspects of relationships, but without feeling supported on an emotional level, many of the grander gestures will fall flat. Being in […]

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