Names and honorifics

What’s In a Name: Names and Honorifics

The current writing prompt on the Tell Me About… site is “names and honorifics”. An honorific is a “title that conveys esteem, courtesy, or respect for position or rank when used in addressing or referring to a person.” Names and especially honorifics play a significant part in my M/s dynamic, so this seemed like a […]

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Wooden horse

My Master Made Me a Wooden Horse

Dear Home Depot, I don’t usually write letters (everyone says that don’t they lol) but I was so happy with an experience involving your store that I just had to write and tell you about it. My Master made me a wooden horse! Several months ago, well, four actually, I became involved in a Master/slave […]

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Addicted to Love ~ the truth about subfrenzy

Many new submissives experience subfrenzy without knowing anything about it. Although subfrenzy is something discussed in most BDSM circles, the can be a scarcity of information online to help understand how it can appear when D/s is introduced into a long term relationship. Whether you are in a play type dynamic or a D/s lifestyle, […]

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A day in the Dungeon

A Day in the Dungeon

What follows is a fantasy that I have written from the viewpoint of my PuppetMaster. This was an assignment He gave me as a way to see how much I have learned about Him in the last three months and how well I understand where His head is. I hope you enjoy His day in […]

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What I have learned

What I Have Learned Being a Slave

Three months ago I was lost, confused, hurt and probably a little angry. I wasn’t sure who I was, something I had never experienced before, or what I wanted. Now, three months later, I have discovered a part of myself I never had a name for before and I am happier than I have been […]

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Meeting my master

Meeting My Master For the First Time

Shortly after beginning our relationship, an opportunity presented itself for my Master to visit me for a few days in May. Tentative plans were made and we hoped for the best. As May drew closer, plans and dates were confirmed and His flight was booked. I would be meeting my Master in person for the […]

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D/s safety

Starting out with BDSM Safety

BDSM can involve placing yourself in a vulnerable position, both physically and emotionally, so it goes without saying that safety will be on your mind. Whether you are Dominant or submissive, you are taking risks and you need to know and feel that this will be safe for you. Most BDSM play involves some risk […]

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It is hard to believe that missy and I have been running the SafeworD/s Club for nearly 5 years. When I think back to the one- or two-page blog we started with, and then adding plug-in after plug-in to make it almost unmanageable, I have to laugh. We knew little back then of web sites […]

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