limits and boundaries

Limits and Boundaries

In relationships, knowing your partner’s limits and boundaries is essential. If you don’t know what they are then you can’t observe them. Neither can you push them. In a D/s relationship this is even more important. Observing limits and boundaries is part of building trust in the other person. So is communicating around your own […]

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On the inside - image of LL at the mirror

On the inside

I see a woman that is scared, but also a woman that is strong, fierce, loving and not a quitter. Not because of how I look or the compliments that I received, but what I have in my heart. Everyone wants to look beautiful and believe me you are, but whats more important is what […]

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Review – Tongue Mermaid Remote Sex Toy

First impressions We loved the colour! That may sound a bit basic, however, a number of sex toys we have used over the years have had quite deep vivid colours that start to fade in odd areas and lose that look of being clean. It’s perception more than anything but if you are putting things […]

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Journaling For Doms?

For subs? I guess that when the term journaling comes up in a D/s conversation most people would initially associate that with a submissive practice. That is perfectly understandable, as keeping a diary or journal to capture thoughts and feelings is widely used by a submissive partner to convene what is going on in their […]

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As a pastime, journaling seems it seems to have undergone a surge in popularity in recent years, with people turning to journals as a response to a busy and over-committed life where they need to take time out for themselves to reconnect and organise the many demands. It can be a helpful way to de-clutter […]

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Resets – what, why and how

What is a reset? I am not sure if resets are things which exist formally in D/s relationships or if they are something we have made up, but if it isn’t a thing then it should be because it is quite important. It was only when I was thinking about it for the chat we held […]

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