training your submissive wife

Training as a submissive wife

Training is a term often thrown around in the world of Dominance and submission, but to find out what it actually means and involves can be quite hard. As with everything, training means different things to different people and this post reflects an interpretation of it which comes from within a married dynamic. I say […]

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Anal Training- littlegem lying naked on a bed, the lamp shade in focus.

Anal Training: beginner to expert guide

I really enjoy anal play of any kind and have done for quite a while. Anal sex is something PurpleSole and I jumped into doing fairly early on in our relationship, over 10 years ago. What I didn’t do is read the best ways to engage in the activity to get the most pleasure and […]

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His Submissive

Life Change

As I look out the window on a bright sunny day, I notice the gentle breeze through the trees and wonder what it would feel like against my skin. The yearning inside me to go outside and experience it for myself is rivaled only by my desire to be a good girl. Master has instructed […]

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Prêt-à-porter review

The Prêt-à-porter by Satisfyer arrives in packaging which looks stylish, textured Matt black with gold writing, something classy that you want to buy. Inside the box there is the Prêt-à-porter, a brief instruction manual, a charging cable and a black velvet bag to store the toy in.  The toy itself is quite small, 14cm diameter […]

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Rituals: the why the how and the what

Why we have rituals For most D/s couples, rituals are quite an important part of what they do. Although they are often the small things, an action, a word, a deed, they can help to keep the right mindset for both of you. They do this by reinforcing the power exchange and essentially highlighting the […]

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Brats – The Wild Submissives

Brats – The Wild submissives is a guest post by Deviant Succubus. Although not a member of The SWC, she is a regular contributor to Tell Me About… and we are delighted that she agreed to write this piece for us.  What is a brat in BDSM and D/s? Both within the kink community and […]

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collar n cuffs

Collar n cuffs

We are not 24/7 D/s so day collars have never been on the list and even if we were 24/7 I don’t know if I would have one anyway. We have been married for 25 years, Sir has never had a wedding ring and I rarely wear one. It just isn’t a priority for us. […]

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