It takes a lot for me to respect you.  In someways, I almost have to feel you, like making a lasting impression that I can dip into for inspiration or direction.  There are only a few people that have done that to me, which in someways sounds derogatory to those people I really like, although […]

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Edge Play

There’s a certain comfortableness about edge play that draws me back to thinking about it; I guess that is part of the attraction.   I wasn’t convinced that anything we could do (legally) would really push any limits, I mean what could we do that did that?  First off, edge play is subjective, and a double […]

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Codependency and D/s

In psychological terms codependency refers to a relationship which is unhealthy. While, as an English teacher I want to say that the prefix co means jointly and dependent means needing the support of someone, we cannot get away from the fact that language has evolved to establish a meaning in more general terms. So for […]

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sex/swinger's club

When Reality becomes Fantasy

In the words of my Sir. SX Reality… So, we plucked up the courage to visit the sex/swinger’s club for the third time. Full of excitement and anticipation we drove to the venue, both full of nervous tension. On arrival we assured each other that we were both still 100% up for it, although deep […]

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Being dominant or submissive and romantic

How to be Dominant or submissive and Romantic

Sometimes people in D/s relationships feel that there is little room left for being romantic. Why is this? Well one reason could be because the elements of romance are so well embedded in what you do anyway that you have stopped noticing they are there. Creating a sense of excitement and mystery may be one […]

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Discreet D/s

Discreetly showing a D/s-relationship in public

If you are in a 24/7-D/s-relationship, after some time the question may arise as to whether it would be possible to show this way of living a bit in public. People who live this way don’t want to hide their lifestyle completely then, simply because that is who they are. To them, it has become […]

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Tell Me About … Pain

For the majority of people who are into BDSM, pain and pleasure seem to walk hand in hand. How you feel and the way that you experience each will vary greatly from person to person and will be dependent on a variety of other factors, but there is usually a close relationship between the two. […]

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