Big Bear and Little Cub

(Author’s Note: Many of my stories are requested by friends. This was as well. There were no specifics. She just wanted a story. – Dean)


Deep in the deepest of deep woods, in a snug little cottage, there lived Big Bear and his Little Cub. They were very happy. They played games all day and snuggled all night. One day, Big Bear had to go on a long trip and Little Cub was terribly sad. She was terrified that something would happen to Big Bear and he wouldn’t come back. She didn’t want to stay in their house in the deep woods without her Big Bear. She cried so hard when Big Bear said goodbye that she thought she could drown in her own tears. So, when Big Bear put on his thickest of thick fur, Little Cub quietly climbed onto his back. Big Bear felt like there was something behind him. He looked over his left shoulder and nothing was there. He looked over his right shoulder and nothing was there. He turned around to look behind him, but there was still nothing there.


Big Bear knew it was time to leave. He looked for his Little Cub to wave goodbye but she was nowhere to be seen. He slowly waved anyway. With lowered head and a heavy heart, Big Bear began his long journey. Little Cub quietly held on to his back. Big Bear walked through the deepest of the deep woods and Little Cub held on. Big Bear crossed the fastest of fast rivers and Little Cub held on. Big Bear trudged through the coldest of cold snows and Little Cub held on. Big Bear climbed the tallest of tall cliffs and Little Cub held on. No matter what Big Bear did or where Big Bear went, Little Cub held on. Every night before sleep, Big Bear, with tears in his eyes, would look up at the moon and stars and say goodnight to his Little Cub. And every night, Little Cub would whisper from Big Bear’s back goodnight to her Big Bear.


Eventually, Big Bear finished all the mysterious things that big bears do and it was time to go home. He went back down the tallest of tall cliffs, through the coldest of cold snows, recrossed the fastest of fast rivers, walked once more through the deepest of deep woods and returned to the snug little cottage they called home. And through it all, Little Cub held on.


When Big Bear walked in, he called out to his Little Cub. At long last, Little Cub stopped holding on and let go. She slid to the floor, a very exhausted Little Cub. Big Bear smiled at his brave little one and picked her up. He lovingly bathed her and put her to bed. She opened her tired eyes and told her Big Bear goodnight. With tears of happiness, Big Bear told his Little Cub goodnight and settled in beside her. That night, Big Bear and his Little Cub snuggled in their snug little cottage in the deepest of deep woods.

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