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What Do I Get Out of Being a Sex Slave?

I am a slave. There are many types of D/s dynamics, and often couples fall into more than one type or category, or they may not fit into any defined category at all. My dynamic is that of Master and slave. My purpose is to serve my Master’s needs and to please Him. By definition, I have given up all rights to my body and my will; my Master has complete control over me. So, you may ask, what do I get out of being His slave?

As I mentioned previously, my Master and I live in different states. This makes the M/s dynamic a bit different for us. A slave living with her Master would be expected to maintain the home, have meals prepared and waiting for her Master, be available for use at all times, and adhere to many other rules and protocols put in place by her Master. Due to our distance, many of these are impractical for us, but we do try and incorporate as many protocols as we can into our relationship. I give my Master, and my Master takes, as much control over my life as is possible under our circumstances.

My Master gets to control His slave in many ways. I have very few limits written into my contract (technically a slave is not allowed limits, but this is an area my Master chooses to adapt), so He has a pretty wide circle within which to indulge His desires. When writing our contract, I didn’t say no to much. I believe I have three hard limits and one soft limit that is more of a request. When is that contract review again?

Okay, pretty obvious what my Master gets out of our relationship, but what do I get out of being a SexSlave? First, I have a lot of orgasms. I mean a lot. Fifty-eight last month alone. My Master is teaching me about toys, bondage positions and sensations, both pleasurable and painful. He regularly sends me new toys that we try out together and then I review them in my orgasm blog in the Training Room. I am not allowed to purchase anything without His permission, but my Master always encourages me to share things I find interesting, and then He will decide whether to purchase or not.

My Master loves to dress me in pretty things. Often a slave will be nude except for her collar. Because I have a life outside of my Master, that is not possible for me. PuppetMaster is not able to control my clothing as much as He would like, but I give Him as much control as possible, even offering Him control when He does not ask. Why? Because pleasing Him makes me happy. My Master controls which panties, if any, I wear daily. He loves short, flowing summer dresses, and I have bought several that He has approved. I have picked out lingerie sets for Him, and He chooses His favorites and sends them to me. We picked out new, sexier bras together and several babydoll teddies. And when they arrive, I open the packages with Him and I put on a fashion show for Him. I love showing off the new bras and dresses and the beautiful things He has sent me. Sometimes, I am even allowed to surprise Him with items I pick out that I think He will like. Of course, if He doesn’t, I will be required to return them, but so far He has approved of the things I have chosen.

The most important thing I get from being my Master’s slave is my His care and affection. I know that He will always protect me. He is proud of me and builds my confidence with every word He speaks. He is always available if I need Him and reaches out to me several times each day. He makes me feel like the sexiest woman alive. He loves my body as it is. He praises my mind and appreciates my humor; we laugh together a lot. He is patient with my training and forgives much more than He punishes. He encourages me to build relationships with other submissives, so that we can support each other. He truly gives as much to me, if not more, as He asks from me.

Being a slave is probably one of the hardest D/s dynamics there is. So what do I get out of being a slave? I get the pleasure and pride of knowing that I have brought pleasure and happiness to my Master. Of knowing that I have achieved something that most women would not be able to do. And I am the happiest that I have ever been.

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