Names and honorifics

What’s In a Name: Names and Honorifics

The current writing prompt on the Tell Me About… site is “names and honorifics”. An honorific is a “title that conveys esteem, courtesy, or respect for position or rank when used in addressing or referring to a person.” Names and especially honorifics play a significant part in my M/s dynamic, so this seemed like a […]

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Wooden horse

My Master Made Me a Wooden Horse

Dear Home Depot, I don’t usually write letters (everyone says that don’t they lol) but I was so happy with an experience involving your store that I just had to write and tell you about it. My Master made me a wooden horse! Several months ago, well, four actually, I became involved in a Master/slave […]

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A day in the Dungeon

A Day in the Dungeon

What follows is a fantasy that I have written from the viewpoint of my PuppetMaster. This was an assignment He gave me as a way to see how much I have learned about Him in the last three months and how well I understand where His head is. I hope you enjoy His day in […]

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What I have learned

What I Have Learned Being a Slave

Three months ago I was lost, confused, hurt and probably a little angry. I wasn’t sure who I was, something I had never experienced before, or what I wanted. Now, three months later, I have discovered a part of myself I never had a name for before and I am happier than I have been […]

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Meeting my master

Meeting My Master For the First Time

Shortly after beginning our relationship, an opportunity presented itself for my Master to visit me for a few days in May. Tentative plans were made and we hoped for the best. As May drew closer, plans and dates were confirmed and His flight was booked. I would be meeting my Master in person for the […]

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long distance

Time To Play-BDSM Long Distance

Did I mention my Master lives 2,500 miles away from me? Talk about safety in distance! Fortunately for me, my PuppetMaster has some experience with an online D/s relationship. A long distance BDSM relationship can work, it just takes time and commitment, just like any relationship. We communicate daily, we play several times a week […]

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A girl like you

How’d a girl like you…

end up in a place like this? Good question. It started innocently enough: bad football, interesting conversation, lunch, no kiss, more conversation, I’m a dominant, want to play, Ohhh that kind of Dominant and suddenly I had a Dom. But what did that really mean? We didn’t live together, we barely knew each other. He […]

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