It was very early on in our D/s, through my reading and chatting with others I was discovering more of myself and found I had a desire to call him Daddy.  It just seemed to fit so much nicer than Sir.  I started calling him Daddy in my head but I could not say it out loud. The thought of telling him scared me more than telling him I wanted D/s. I was really afraid it would weird him out.


I consulted with another little that was a “leader” elsewhere and I was advised Not to tell him. She suggested that it would be much better to just focus on the D/s dynamic for a while before bringing up the Dd/lg. I knew that just wasn’t right and I’m glad I followed my instinct rather than her advice. Continue reading “How I told my husband I wanted a Daddy”

When I started researching D/s I joined another online community and despite my normal introversion I jumped right into the chat discussions. I was determined that is what I wanted and I devoured all available advice. Immediately I was heavily pressured to see that my husband join as well. I did get him to sign up but I felt overlooked when he did not actively participate.

While I had some minimal experience with socializing online, he did not and had no interest in doing so. We had several fights over my pushing and insisting that he get involved. Not submissive at all but seemed to be excused in the group forum. It was as if our future with a D/s relationship hung solely on his willingness to get online. Continue reading “What If He Won’t Join In”

My submission is the expression of my love and devotion for my husband. It is part of me and makes me whole. I consider it my responsibility to develop it; therefore, I am proactive in creating things that help me do that. 


One such implement is journaling. There are so many ways to journal and if you are a stationery addict like myself, it’s a wonderful excuse to buy a few new notebooks. Don’t forget to grab a new pen or eight while you are at it. 😉   Continue reading “Journaling as a Submissive Implement”