I’ve for some time looked through different videos that more or less show details
on fucking machines, and have picked up bits and pieces here and there.
The result is my own working DIY fucking machine. Though, it must be said
that it’s a prototype, noisy and no beauty.
You might find your own way to assemble it.
Have fun!







Below I’ll describe the different parts and possibilities.

I’ve looked for geared electro motors with around 250-300 rpm, but most of the available are too small and not strong enough.

My choice was a 12V wiper motor.
It’s not expensive and is powerful enough to do the job. It’s a little noisy, but not too bad.
Wish: 268 Nok

Speed controller.
You need a way to adjust the speed.
This one I chose because it comes
with a box for the electronics and is
cheap. This controller supports any
DC-voltage between 9 and 60 volt,
and should handle any motor in this
range. If you plan to make a
remote-control, please note that the
switch carries the power to the
motor and a remote cable can’t be a
signal cable; the cross section is to
Wish: 113Nok

Power supply.
As the motor is 12V you need a 12V
PSU. There is no info enclosed with
the motor, but my PSU
delives 3A, and that’s not
I  recommend a 5 or 6A version.
Wish: 96Nok




Depending on the way you assemble this, you might need an extension for the motor shaft. I used a 8mm joint nut 25mm long. That enabled me to easyily mount the rotating arm with an 8mm screw.
The length of the arm gives the stroke length, and you have to be able to easily adjust that.
On the end of the arm you need a ball joint. My choice was made for a 8mm threaded rod.
Then you need a shaft joint for connection to the stroking shaft.
Also with 8mm holes and set screws.
The bearings for the shaft need to
be mounted so the joint doesn’t crash
into them whatever stroke length
you might choose.
Wish: 186 Nok

This really is the noisy part of this
machine. I’ve seen this done with
rails for drawers, which might be
Let me now if you find a better way!

As the shafts are 30cm you need to extend them.
My solution was an length extension for drills (100Nok). To fit the shaft I just mounted it on a drill and sanded the end down until it fitted.
Then the real fun part.
The “normal” way to connect the tools are with air tube connectors.
Wish etc are selling sets with these things, and is easy to fit the female end to the shaft with tape etc.



The male part for the air tube connector can be mounted
on a vac-u-lock adapter or
simply a flat plate for