Anal Training- littlegem lying naked on a bed, the lamp shade in focus.

Anal Training: beginner to expert guide

I really enjoy anal play of any kind and have done for quite a while. Anal sex is something PurpleSole and I jumped into doing fairly early on in our relationship, over 10 years ago. What I didn’t do is read the best ways to engage in the activity to get the most pleasure and […]

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Headspace - Gem as puppy naked with a tail

Finding an Alternative Headspace

Everyone will be different as a headspace is very personal and individual. This is how it is for me and how it works in our dynamic. I am certainly no expert.   I think the most important part of finding an alternative headspace is initially thinking about the space you want to be in and […]

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Puppy Play

  I think that this play is very personal to us both, how we do things may not be the way anyone else would, but I hope that it will give you an insight.                                           […]

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