Spanking for speeding

A Spanking For Speeding

I was speeding down a road where it is very common to do so for most drivers. This particular morning as I sped along, I noticed a patrol car parked on a side street facing the street I was on.

The adrenaline kicked in and my heart was racing, I had lifted my foot from the gas petal but I was certain that the patrol car was timing me and would be pulling out behind me and I would be detained while I received a ticket. A few seconds went by and nothing, I continued to look behind me but the patrol car never appeared. As a made a right hand turn my heart rate started to slow as I realised I had gotten away with my infraction.

Each morning my Sir takes the train to work and I pick him up at the same location so we have a few minutes together before work. While awaiting his train to arrive, I recount via text how I was speeding but was not ticketed for doing so. He asks why I was going so fast, I tell him this is the same I normally drive. He is unimpressed and tells me (I honestly did not tell him to impress him but rather because I felt fortunate). He then tells me he “may” spank me when we get to work. Adrenaline rush again but this time it is because I know there is no “may” about it, I will be getting a spanking out in the open. I am panicked by the thought of the public humiliation of being spanked. I am also sexually charged at the thought of being spanked. He is texting that he does not know if he should spank with his hand or use the belt. I am hoping for his hand because I love the intimate feel when his hand slaps my cheek but the belt will leave a trophy for me to admire later. My other concern is that the belt will draw far too much attention with the sound. Although the place where I drop him off is relatively quiet, there are still cars passing and a trail used by pedestrians and bicyclists nearby.

His train arrives and I watch him walk towards the car with excitement and fear. He kisses me and I give way to our shared passion. No mention of the promised spanking but there is no need for him to mention because he will deliver. Once we arrive at the drop off place, he exits the car to go around to my side. As I open the door, Sir instructs me to bend over my seat. First spanking and he is using his hand, am I sorry? Yes Sir I am sorry. I am spanked twice more. My face cheeks are red with embarrassment but I am wet with excitement.

Did I tell him because subconsciously I wanted a spanking? No, there is no way I could have predicted a spanking for punishment to be executed where potentially we could be seen.

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  1. My Master enjoys the spanking where we could potentially be seen. Although he takes precautions to ensure he’s not observed doing so because we don’t need the aggravation of someone calling the authorities thinking a woman is being abused. But the rush is a huge turn on for both of us as you shared in your post.

  2. PS – I would agree with you, the spanking was deserving and I am grateful my Sir is protective and has my well-being in mind.

    nsp58 – This was my first public spanking and I am certain it will not be my last. I was so nervous about getting spanked in the open, I had not even stopped to consider that being seen may have led to someone thinking I was being abused. 😉

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