A little bit of a chat update

A little bit of a chat update

I wanted to share with you a bit of a chat update. This past year we have been so pleased to see the number of chats we host each week growing. This has been largely down to Vixen who has been hosting chats which are more convenient for our users the other side of the pond, and to you, who have continued to support us and make this a real community. We also re-instated our Book Group which was hosted by Posy for over a year. We are so grateful to those who play an active part in leading these events and we appreciate what a big time commitment it is, especially as a solo host.

When we started out, we hosted the Sunday D/s discussion at 8pm GMT/1pm CST in the hope that the timing would work for those from both sides of the world. Currently it is quite a large and eclectic group. Although there was an additional chat hosted later on a Sunday there have been suggestions of making this a joint chat again, so this is what we plan to do. We hope that this will allow us to get to know each other better and continue the community feel that the chats create. The more different people from varying backgrounds attend, the more perspectives on a topic are shared, so this feels like a real positive.

There will continue to be an open chat at 8pm CST on a Sunday, but this will be more of a chance to meet and catch up with friends than a structured Topic Chat. The Friday Topic Chat will continue at 8pm CST and this will be jointly led and hosted by My Pet’s Lord and My Lord’s Pet. We appreciate them stepping in and I know that they are keen to take suggestions for chat topics, and would like to incorporate offers from other members to share specialist knowledge and areas of interest. The Tuesday Topic Chats at 8pm GMT will continue to be hosted by HL and myself and, as before, we are also keen for suggestions and offers of others to lead a topic.

I know that there are a lot of keen readers out there and there is a strong feeling that we all want to learn. We are really pleased that Vixen has agreed to take over The Book Group. The Book Group has its own page which can be accessed via the members tab on the menu. Interested members are encouraged to join the group so they can be easily notified of updates, make suggestions, and chat to each other about the books. There is a dedicated forum attached to the group where book titles can be suggested. The Book Group will meet on the last Sunday of each month in The Library at 9pm BST/3pm CST, following the D/s Discussion.

In order to mix things up a bit we are asking if members who suggest the book would like to lead the discussion on that particular title. While this is in no way obligatory, we feel that this will make for good discussion as the questions and format will vary a bit each time. And what better than someone who enjoyed the book enough to suggest it! The Book Group will be hosted and administered by Vixen so please get in touch with her if you have any queries. There will be a forum thread up for the suggestion of books today and we hope to cover non-fiction as well as fiction.

We hope that these changes all meet your needs. Again we are so grateful for those who support us and help us to make this site what it is.


2 thoughts on “A little bit of a chat update

  1. That sounds great, and I apologize for not not having attended one chat.

    I exported the D/safeword calendar to my calendar. However I think that was my phone that got cracked. I’m trying to get rid of some stuff, simplify stuff. Just can’t do it anymore (,or all that I had been)

    Missy, I was having trouble on the other phone and since getting the this app, it seems to be in the app with my account. I can not like a post when I open it up in my email.

    It says loading, I believe. Now I believe that it says that on everyone’s blog when I open them. Down at the bottom, the box with the star, and says like.
    I am not sure how to fix the issue. Any help would be so appreciated.


    1. Thanks for the comment Nonya. I think that there is an issue with the plug-in that manages that part as it shows you as anonymous and that isn’t right when you are a member. I think I need to look at a theme re-design so I am not sure it is anything you are doing. Jet pack users (often people who blog and use WordPress or are signed in via WordPress seem to show up but those who comment via a wire membership aren’t right now. I apologise for this. I am on holiday next week so will see what I can do. Missy x

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