A Day Without Panties in the Florida Heat!

A Day Without Panties in the Florida Heat!

Sometimes, you just have to learn lessons the hard way. Sundays are errand days and a few Sundays back I had quite a bit of running around to do. I needed to drop off a couple of orders to friends, take a return back to Target, pick up a prescription from Publix and put gas in the car so I would be ready for the week. It’s Florida in July, so of course it was hot. In fact, we had heat advisories the entire weekend. 

I wanted to get things done so I could get back in time for the Sunday afternoon chat on The Safewords Club, but as I started to get dressed I realized that I had not asked for panties from my Master the night before. Crap! Now, in my defense, my Master has been very busy and we have not had a lot of time to chat lately, so asking for panties was not really at the top of my list of things I wanted to spend the time talking about. Regardless of the reasons, I found myself with no approved panties, and I knew it was too early for Master to be awake, so texting Him to beg for panties was not an option. I could have put on a pair of slut panties and hoped that He would be happy that His puppet was running around town in outrageously slutty panties, but again, they had not been approved, so I finished getting dressed, with no panties, and headed out to run my errands.

I had just pulled out of my neighborhood when my Master texted me. I pulled off the road and we texted for a few minutes and I told Him that I had some things to do but I was trying to make it back in time for chat. Since He had not received a gratitude picture (Read Welcome To Submission for more about panties and gratitude) thanking Him for allowing me to wear panties, I assured Him that I was in fact, pantiless, as I had forgotten to ask the night before. He did offer to let me try and persuade Him to allow me to put on panties, but I told Him I had already left the house, and it was my fault, and I would pay the price for my forgetfulness. And boy was I right! I had chosen to wear denim shorts on one of the hottest days of the year.

As I made my first stop and was walking towards the store entrance, I could already feel the sweat between my legs from the heat of the car seat. I groaned to myself. It was going to be a long day. I already felt gross and sticky. Thankfully my friend was extremely busy and had no time to chat, so I was back in the car with the a/c on heading to my next stop. My car seats are part cloth, part pleather (it’s a word, look it up!), and the pleather part was hot and sweaty against my legs. The drive to Target wasn’t really long enough to cool the car down, and the car seat stuck to the back of my legs as I got out and headed into Target. I returned my items and headed to the Starbucks, because, well…Starbucks! Then I browsed through the store for a while. As I was walking around I began to notice a soreness between my legs, and it was not from playing. The denim material was rubbing against the delicate skin of my labia and was leaving it raw. OMG you have to be kidding me! I finished my shopping very quickly and headed to the car. It was hot as an oven and the seat burned the back of my legs. I was not thinking nice thoughts about Florida at this point, and was thinking my friend could live without her makeup for another day. Hell, she worked from home, what did she need it for really? But instead, I stopped and filled the car with gas, once more rubbing my poor body as I got into and out of the car, opened the GPS and followed the directions to D’s.

D had recently moved, so she had sent me her new address via text. When I arrived at the area that Siri indicated was the correct address, it was an industrial complex. I sent D a text confirming that I had the correct address and she realized that her message had autocorrected to the wrong address. I had driven 30 minutes in the wrong direction! My sore bottom and lady parts were not happy, and I was going to be even less happy if I was late for chat, but i took a deep breath, put in the correct address and headed back the way I had come. On the plus side, D has the sweetest dog named who is an absolute snugglebug, so I did at least get puppy love. On the negative side, I haven’t seen her in over a year, so I couldn’t just drop the order and run. Instead I sat in slightly damp, extremely uncomfortable denim shorts, with my bottom and lady parts so sore that I could barely sit still, and made small talk for about 15 minutes, thinking nothing but sweet thoughts about my Master and vowing to start every conversation with “may I have panties for tomorrow Master” from now on. Oh, and making plans to burn the denim shorts at the earliest possible moment.

Apparently God took pity on me because there was no one in line at the pharmacy and I was able to get in and out as quickly as my raw body would let me. I swear to you I was stripping off the shorts before I even made it into the house and would have happily sat naked for the rest of the day if circumstances would have allowed. Instead I put on a pair of loose cotton shorts and waited to talk with my Master. I think He was rather amused at my discomfort, but He did take pity on me and picked out a pair of soft cotton panties that He gave me permission to put on, which I did immediately. He also praised me for being a good girl and taking responsibility for my forgetfulness. The rawness and soreness lasted for several days, and I can not look at those shorts without remembering how painful that day was. It will always be a reminder of the importance of remembering my rules. Or wearing a dress.

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  1. I love reading about your adventures within your D/s dynamic. You and CPM make such a wonderful pair and it is amazing to see how you tow have become stronger and have grown together…VL

  2. I said oh no when you put Jean shorts on, lol. Great writing CSP, as usual I was sitting right there with you.

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