A Day in the Life…What Does Training Look Like?

A Day in the Life…What Does Training Look Like?

Daily tasks, rules and rituals are an important part of some (most?) D/s relationships. They are different for each couple and are specific to what the Dom is trying to accomplish and what the sub may need. For instance, my Master is training me in submission, so my rules and tasks are based on learning and exploring. And the same Dom will probably have different rules and tasks for different subs. We recently had a discussion in The Safewords Club forum about the rules and tasks the different submissives have. It was interesting to see what was required by the different Doms, so I thought I’d share what a typical day of training for me looks like this week.

The Training Room

The first thing my Master did was set up an online message board that includes a message forum, a photo gallery and a video library. A majority of my training takes place on this board, called SexPuppets Training Room. Each day my Master writes a daily training post that contains information He wants me to have for that day. This could be items needed for a play scene, something He wants me to wear, a reminder of a task I owe Him, general questions, etc. It will also include a picture demonstrating something He wishes to introduce to me or discuss: a new bondage position, a rope tie or knot, a torment He would like to inflict.

I check the TR board as soon as I wake up each day. I look forward to reading the daily post and any other messages my Master may have left for me or replied to from the day before. Sometimes the daily message will include a new task that I am to add to my daily routine. By responding to each message, my Master can confirm that I have seen it. The TR is also where I can post information or questions for my Master. I keep my weekly schedule updated here, post my weekly weigh in (this was a request I made of my Master, not something He required of me) and add items to my toy wish list.

The TR has a video library where my Master will post videos for me to watch and write reviews on. Some times these introduce me to new torment/torture techniques or the devices used. Others are to introduce new toys, new bondage positions and/or new predicament bondage scenarios. Some are history lessons on porn and BDSM. And some are simply for my enjoyment. For every video I am to write a review describing what I liked and didn’t like about the video, how I felt about it, whether it turned me on or not, if it frightened me, etc. giving my Master as much detail as possible. This allows Him to learn my likes and dislikes as well as what to avoid and what torments to plan for me.

Daily Affirmation

Another task I complete daily is my affirmation, which is basically a pledge of submission. This is probably my favorite part of training. It sets the submissive tone for the day and reinforces that I belong to my PuppetMaster. Each day I stand at attention, naked, in front of a mirror, and repeat the affirmation that my Master has given me. I usually do this prior to getting dressed, but honestly I do it several times a day. I will often run my fingers along the beads of my slave chain and say my affirmation in my head. I feel it connects me to my Master when I’m feeling alone.

We train…A Lot!

If it’s a play day (another favorite part of my training!), I gather the required items and set up the playroom. We use video chat for our play, so I set up my laptop and elevate it so that it looks down on the bed. If bonds are being used, I attach all ropes ahead of time. Cuffs, chains, toys, lube, and any other items needed are laid out within easy reach. The last thing I do is check the camera position to make sure that I know my mark for kneeling when my Master calls. Once this is done, I shower, style my hair and put on my makeup. Then I wait for my Master to call.

Having a play day leads to another training task I am required to complete, an orgasm log. Each time I have an orgasm, I write a post, including as much detail as I can. This includes whether the orgasm occurred alone or during play with my Master, what toys and equipment were used and how many orgasms I had. While I’m sure my Master enjoys these just for the hell of it, He does have reasons for having me write them. First they give Him feedback that helps Him learn my body and my responses to certain things. Second, it helps me think about and explore the new experiences that He is introducing me to, which will help me understand them and myself better. And I really enjoy writing them.

Physical Training

I also have physical tasks that are required weekly. I take a dance class once a week and a gym class twice a week. In addition to the dance class, I will soon be required to practice daily at home. I have added Ben Wa balls to my daily training and wear them at least an hour daily.

A daily task that has recently been added is deep throat practice. Each day I do training exercises that PuppetMaster has assigned, with a special dildo to help me learn to control my gag reflex and to increase the depth that I can take the dildo into my throat. To increase my deep throat range, I have placed a mark on my dildo indicating my current depth, and I must hit this mark at least 12 times daily. Once I can do that comfortably, the mark will be lowered. For gag reflex training, I hold the dildo deeply in my mouth for two minutes, breathing around without removing it. As I feel the gag begin, I slightly move it forward to control the gag, then move back into place. I do this at least once a day.

Building Connections

PuppetMaster has very strong feelings about submissives connecting and supporting each other, having fun, sharing, listening and just being ourselves. To foster these friendships, I attend the scheduled chats at The Safewords Club (TSC) on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, I moderate The Subs Space (a private group for submissives only on TSC) and I frequently chat in the Main Lounge during impromptu chats that pop up at different hours due to the many time zones our members are in. My Master and I keep our connection strong by chatting frequently throughout the day via text, TSC chat and phone/video calls.

My Master requires a lot from me, but He gives me a lot also. These tasks were not assigned all at once. They have been added slowly as I became more comfortable with my role, and more will be added as I continue to grow and learn. I don’t mind. I love serving my PuppetMaster and I enjoy doing the tasks He has assigned for me. The more He requires of me, the stronger His Dominance of me becomes and the deeper my submission goes. And I think that’s just fan-fucking-tastic!

This is the fourth in a series of posts which follows the training of Cruel’s Sex Puppet.

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    1. Thank you missy. PuppetMaster has been amazing in making things easy for me to understand and to learn. He adds things slowly so I don’t get overwhelmed with too many new rules or tasks at one time. The Training Room is a great tool and I constantly go back to old posts for reference. I really am lucky that He found me.

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