A Day in the Dungeon

A Day in the Dungeon

What follows is a fantasy that I have written from the viewpoint of my PuppetMaster. This was an assignment He gave me as a way to see how much I have learned about Him in the last three months and how well I understand where His head is. I hope you enjoy His day in the Dungeon.

He walks into the Dungeon and looks around. She is waiting for Him, kneeling in submission, wearing only the collar that proclaims her His property. “Greet” He calls and she immediately drops to her hands and begins crawling towards Him. She moves slowly, deliberately swaying her hips, her eyes on Him. She places her hands on each side of Him with her palms up and kisses His shoes, then bows with her forehead touching Him, just as she has been taught. At His signal, she sits back on her heels and waits as He clips her leash to her collar. She stands and He leads her to the middle of the room. Her wrists are placed in cuffs hanging from chains attached to bolts in the ceiling, her arms spread overhead. A spreader bar is waiting for her; her ankles are cuffed to the spreader and secured to bolts in the floor. He wants her open to Him, access to every part of her. He has been waiting for this day for so long, a day in the Dungeon. She is His plaything and He intends to play hard.

He removes the leash from her collar. “Look at me Puppet” He says quietly. She raises her eyes to His. “Can you say your affirmation MyPuppet, all of it?” He asks. Without hesitation, she says her affirmation, including her consent. “And your safewords?” She repeats them. He moves to the table where he has laid out today’s toys. He smiles as her eyes widen with fear. “Scared Puppet?” He asks. “I am, Master” she replies. He picks up something from the table and walks over to her. “Good” he whispers as He puts the blindfold over her eyes.

He runs His hands over her body, taking in the whiteness of her skin, the pale bruises left from the last time they played. He picks Thud, His favorite flogger, and a set of clover clamps, making sure that she hears Him as He shuffles items on the table. Oh yes, she must hear Him every time and wonder what is coming next. That’s part of the fun, for Him at least. She jumps as He touches her breasts again, squeezing them hard, pinching her nipples. Circling her, He trails Thud along her body, noticing how she tenses as she recognizes the flogger. “Time to count Puppet” He tells her as the first strike lands on her right breast. She lets out a gasp, and counts. “How many MyPuppet?” He asks her. “Twelve, Master, always 12.” Very good He thinks, as the second strike lands on her left breast. She counts them all. Thank You Master. He admires the pink blush Thud has left behind. Her nipples are hard, and He pulls the clover clamps from His pocket, clamping them on her nipples and attaching a weighted chain to them. He gives the chain a tug, and she cries out. Using a length of black rope, He binds her breasts.

He moves back to the table, His hand sorting through the toys arranged there. He settles on the Wartenberg wheel. He runs His hand over her stomach, feeling her tense and then relax. He rolls the wheel up her left thigh, pressing softly and she lets out a soft moan. He moves the wheel to the inside of her thigh and moves upward again. He repeats on her right thigh, continuing up her stomach until He reaches her breasts. They are red and swollen, made more sensitive by the tight bindings. The spikes of the wheel press into the swollen flesh and He squeezes each breast hard. She cries out again and He feels Himself getting hard.

”You are mine Puppet” He says, pulling on her clamped nipples.
“i am Yours” she gasps through the pain. “My body is Yours. I was made to please my Master. Master honors me by allowing me to suffer so that He may have pleasure.”
”And you do please your Master MyPuppet” He tells her, letting go of the chain.

He has been gentle so far, taking His time, enjoying their day in the dungeon. But His need is growing stronger. He picks up the cane and drags the tip of it up the back of her leg. She shakes her head and begins to whimper. He knows how much she hates the cane. He smiles and taps it against her calf. She stifles a scream as He moves to the other leg, and up to her ass, striking her with quick, sharp taps. “Thank You, Master” she manages between sobs. He moves back to the table. He is so hard now that it hurts. But He’s not done, not yet. He picks up Thud and lands several strikes on each ass cheek followed by a hard strike of His paddle. There is no suppressing it this time, and she screams. He nearly climaxes from the sound. “Thank You, Master, one” she sobs through clenched teeth. He doesn’t know if He can make it to twelve. Her ass is turning a beautiful shade of red. “Thank You, Master, four.” Thud, Thud, paddle. “Thank You, Master, nine.” Tears are streaming down her face. “Thank You, Master, twelve.”

He goes to her and wipes the tears from her face and removes the blindfold. He releases her ankles and gently releases each arm, placing her hands on His shoulders for support. She kneels in front of Him and takes Him in her mouth, her hands holding Him tightly. She looks up at Him as she slowly takes all of Him into her mouth, gagging as He hits the back of her throat. Groaning with pleasure, He holds her head in place, feeling her strain against Him. He lets go, and she gasps for breath before taking Him back in her mouth. This time He takes her by the hair and He controls the rhythm, forcing Himself deep inside her mouth. “Every drop” He tells her, and she strokes Him as she lowers her mouth on Him, sucking every drop from Him, until He feels there is nothing left inside Him. She looks up at Him and says “Thank You, Master.” Yes, it has been a great day in the Dungeon.

This is the ninth in a series of posts which follows the training of Cruel’s Sex Puppet. If you enjoy this post, please give it a like and drop a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “A Day in the Dungeon

  1. A great fun read! I could feel the anticipation through your words. My Master blindfolds me before he chooses the ‘tools’ and the listening and guessing is titillating! hugs, elsking

  2. This place looks very familiar lol and your story took me straight back there 🔥🧯. What a load of fun
    lilly x

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