9 Popular Positions of submission for you to try

9 Popular Positions of submission for you to try

In one of the early blog posts on submissy I wrote about the fact that HisLordship asked me to practice 9 positions of submission. What we did was to use one a week and I would get myself into position each evening before bed. He would then tweak and alter my position until it was to his liking. Sometimes it led to further play and sometimes not, but we found it useful as a reference point for when he wanted to instruct me at another time, and I leant exactly what he wanted. 

We found that once the ‘training period’ was over we still used them and it has been a good way for HL to quickly let me know which position he would like me in. It helps my headspace as I feel more graceful if I can get into the position he wants without him moving and bending my body. I also like him giving me instructions and it is good to know that I am positioned exactly as he would like me to be. Many of the positions feel quite vulnerable and exposed so that also adds a layer.

A few people have asked me for the positions so, below, are the ones we used.  I know that there are a lot of other versions if you google and I think that the best idea is to find what works for you and, of course, pleases you both.

Huge thanks to PS and littlegem who kindly agreed to take the pictures below to illustrate the positions.  

9 Positions of Submission

1.  SIT 

 Any style, on the floor, eyes down. 

Submissive position 1 - gem sitting

2. Kneel

Kneel, hands behind you, back straight, eyes down.

Submissive position 2 - gem kneeling

3. DOWN 

Flat on floor, face down, legs wide, hands behind back.

4. BEND 

Stand, legs wide, knees locked, hands on knees or ankles. (Punishment Position)

5. All FOURS 

Dog style, elbows locked, head up, knees together.

6. Expose 

Dog style, chest to floor, knees wide, palms flat, down out ahead.

(HL has my chest flat to the ground and not on my elbows as in this picture).

7. WAIT 

Up on wide knees, hands behind you, head up, breasts out.


On your back, head straight, arms above the head, palms up, legs spread wide.


Stand, legs wide, hands behind neck, eyes on Dom, breasts out.

(Not on tip-toes as pic shows.)

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3 thoughts on “9 Popular Positions of submission for you to try

  1. I am a submissive in a SUB/DOM relationship and I have been looking for poses/positions of complete submission unto my dominant. I want to find a position he will be most pleased with. I want to show him that I completely surrender my body and mind to him. He has earned the priveledge of earning of submission.

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