5 Things to consider about Mind Fucks?

5 Things to consider about Mind Fucks?

I’m sure those of you with some experience will know there are more than 5 things to consider about mind fucks, however, we have selected 5 just to get you going!

  1. A Mind Fuck is not a malicious act to cause distress or harm in another person. It is, however, a manufactured environment whereby the receiving person is placed in a situation that causes them to believe something may or may not happen.
  2. Telling someone that you will do something that you obviously won’t do does not add to successful mind fuckery. For example, saying to a sub that is blindfolded and naked that you will send pictures to a group of kinky friends that you have never sent pictures to before could be easily dismissed in their head. However, if you said that you might send pictures adds a level of doubt as it’s possible you might send to all or some of the group.
  3. A mind fuck is a story. The more layers you can build up the deeper the sub will go. Creating an environment of uncertainty in their minds (not yours) keeps them on their toes which means they are more susceptible to persuasion. One thing that has been tried and tested, and a safe starter, is to remove both sight and hearing. Either ear defenders or music buds to cancel the hearing and a blindfold to black out the eyes. Once you have that secured, make sure they are laying down or seated as loss of senses will make it easier to lose balance. Try removing clothing over period of time. Not conversation, no warning. Leave them naked for a short period of time as time becomes unmeasurable after a while in the dark. Move to sensation play and let your imagination run wild!
  4. Do not surprise your sub with impact or shock play without discussion first. This is likely to go badly if suddenly causing pain with no warm up. It should go without saying that limiting a persons breathing ability may cause great distress and possible damage. A mind fuck manipulates someone’s thoughts and beliefs about a situation. It’s very important that a Dominant understands their submissive’s potential triggers (as much as possible) before playing with mind fucks.
  5. Safe words should be respected during a mind fuck, but like all other kinky play, they can’t be the only thing you rely on. A Dominant needs to keep a close eye on their partner the entire time so they can stop if things get out of hand. A person’s tolerance changes dramatically when under duress even if pre-agreed. Keep it safe and keep it fun!

So there you go, 5 things to consider if you fancy a little mind fuckery.

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