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Find up to date posts on all things Dominance and submission including writing about how to build a D/s dynamic, living a D/s lifestyle and information on play, scenes and kink.

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Join our members in sharing your own experience and asking questions of others. Check out the forums as a great place to make contact with other Doms and subs.

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We offer a number of chatrooms featuring open chat, scheduled topic chats and a book group. Please note that members must be logged in to activate and access the live chat feature.

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What are our members are saying about us?

Iris and Mr HamD (Norway)

Mester and I have been lucky to know HL and missy from before they set up this site. It was with anticipation and excitement we learned about their plans to start up a new kink online community. HL and missy has done a great job giving people within the D/s community a place to voice their opinions and experiences.

In a busy life we try to join in on the weekly chats, fun yet professionally hosted.

Vixen Lee (USA)

When I first signed up on The SafeWord/s Club, it was to get to understand myself and my needs better. I was completely new to the lifestyle and had no clue on how to begin my path into this wonderful lifestyle’s journey. Through The Safeword/s Club I was able to utilize all the knowledgeable reading resources, as well as, meet individuals and learn through their experiences. I owe my newfound self and sense of feeling free as a submissive to this site. HL and Missy are great individuals who are both caring and understanding with the ability to relate to individuals. If you want a judgement free zone, look no further than The SafeWord/s Club.

Sweetgirl (UK)

MrH, my husband and dominant, found The SafeworD/s Club advertised on Fetlife, when we were quite new to the dynamic. We were welcomed to the club by Missy and HisLordship when we joined a scheduled chat and the rest as they say is history. The club members are friendly and welcoming, and the chats are lively and informative. The blog has lots of interesting articles and MrH was persuaded to contribute his own experience as a new Dom to the archives. I can’t recommend this site enough not only to people interested in building a Dom Sub relationship but also to people in an established dynamic, there really is something for everyone.

Purple Sole and littlegem (UK)

When we first joined the SafeworD/s Club we were fairly new and inexperienced to a Dominant and submissive lifestyle. The resources available and the online community have helped build and strengthen our dynamic beyond what we could have achieved alone.


A little bit of site information

The SafeworD/s Club is intended as a safe place for Dominants and submissives to meet up, talk, share and learn from one another.

It is not a dating site and there are some Club Rules which we would ask that you read and observe.

We should point out that we are all learning in this lifestyle and information is shared based on the experience of the individuals who are choosing to share it.  We recognise that we can all learn from others, but do not hold ourselves as experts or advisers.

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