BDSM Switch

Turning The BDSM Switch On and Off

To whomever reads this blog needs to understand, this blog (entry) is my opinion and my opinion only. I have seen a common frustration through

What is Double Penetration?

What is double penetration? Well, it may not be what you think, actually, it probably…

5 Things to consider about Mind Fucks?

I'm sure those of you with some experience will know there are more than 5…
9 positions of submission - gem kneeling

9 Popular Positions of submission for you to try

In one of the early blog posts on submissy I wrote about the fact that HisLordship asked…

Basic Things You Should Know About Fisting

What are the basic things to know about fisting? Apply common sense I would say…

The lube we love ~ stick around and read on

Although in some corners of our still very vanilla world lube might be viewed as…
Layering Communication

Layering Communication for a Successful Scene

What is Layering Communication Layering communication so that you reveal instructions one by one allows…

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A Bit About Us

The SafeworD/s Club is an online community for Dominant and submissive couples. With scheduled weekly live chats, forums, and a blog with writing on all things D/s, this is the place to make friends, ask questions and learn from the experience of others. Founded in 2017 by HisLordship and missy, The SafeworD/s Club is a safe space to learn, share and connect with likeminded people in a Dominant and submissive relationship.

sohimi clit sucker

The Sohimi App Control Clit Sucker ~ Review

I am always on the search for a good clit stimulator. I have some of the sucker kind and find they work well for me,
Growing submission

Growing My Submission 

I recently read a book in which the main characters were challenged to shake up…

Why Dress?

Susie is my crossdressing submissive self. In this blog post, I explore why I dress…

The beginning of our married D/s dynamic

He said, "Yes, sort of... The beginning of our married D/s dynamic was a surprise,…

A Day Without Panties in the Florida Heat!

Sometimes, you just have to learn lessons the hard way. Sundays are errand days and…
Names and honorifics

What’s In a Name: Names and Honorifics

The current writing prompt on the Tell Me About… site is “names and honorifics”. An…
Wooden horse

My Master Made Me a Wooden Horse

Dear Home Depot, I don’t usually write letters (everyone says that don’t they lol) but…